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Old 2006-12-31, 22:50
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Default Possible to Rip CG out of game?

Is it possible to rip out the CG from PS2 ADV somehow(without complex programming work)? I very much like the ending CG in Ayakashibito and was wondering if I could somehow turn it into my wallpaper. I checked all the PS2 tools at Zophar, but they have nothing that can rip out in-game artwork.
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Old 2007-01-01, 00:01
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You could try running the game in PCSX2 and taking a screenshot, if you have a computer that's up to that (and if the game will run.)

You could also use a video capture card hooked up to your PS2, though you'll lose some quality doing that.

Since the images are there on the disc, there is some way to extract them, but I don't know if there are tools out there for doing that or how hard it would be to locate the images in the data files. You might get lucky searching for JPEG (or other image format) headers with a hex editor in an ISO of the disc.
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Old 2007-01-01, 10:35
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Technical discussion and coding/extraction matters belong in Technical Issues. Thread moved for that purpose.
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Old 2007-01-01, 13:05
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Well, see if you can verify whether the PS2 version uses the same internal file format as the PC version. That would simplify matters a bit. PS2 does have a default image format, but it's not really as standard.
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