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Old 2006-10-02, 21:07
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Default A Message for Haeleth

I am writing this purely out of my head, and after recollecting, and considering many thoughts on my mind, I decided to post this.

I want to first note, that I am a Singaporean, and thus, am guilty of numerous things. By right, I shouldn't even be posting on this board. However, I felt that this was necessary as I thought back on my actions, which extends beyond just visual novels.


Kanon, for me, opened up the existence of the visual novel. I was first aware of the genre while reading PC GAMER US, back around about the 2000 period, when I was reading about PC Games the world over, and PC Gaming was noted to be comparatively weak in Japan, as the only notable genre in the island was, of course, ren'ai. And the game they highlighted, was Kanon. I am not sure what made me want to play the game at the time. Maybe it was the fact that it was a softcore game (and I was a bit younger and immature), something that I can never get in a country that seems to ban and prohibit everything under the sun that's even remotely related to pornography. But, that latter reason alone, the thought that I may never ever, get this game, made me eprsonally wish that I could get the game, and consider playing it.

Time passed, and I came to enjoy other games, those mainly on the Western Market, but one of the games that got to me was Troika's Arcanum. Out of the vast RPGs there were, only Arcanum had the social ineraction and dialogue I really wanted out of a game. Sadly, Troika feel udner, as with many good unknown game companies. I shall revisit this fact later.

So more time passed, and I was eventually introduced to the world of small-time piracy. Or rather, p2p sharing. Using the internet services I obtained, I usually downloaded fansubbed anime (and occasionally the odd Wizards of the Coast book, as an anarchic protest against their extravagance), though I only downlaoded what I couldn't get. Noting that there are many things thata re NOT banned in Singapore, games and anime being amongst the list, I only went to get the things I couldn't get, as I was unaware of Article 8 of the Berne Convention.

Than, 2006 came. And, I came across two things. The first was the existence of an actual English market for ren'ai. The second, secondly, was the existence of the Kanon image file for CD-Burning alone.

Although the patch was only 57% done, I can still remember my first trials with Kanon. I tried Nayuri's path first, but, being half complete, I was inable to get her good ending. I, then, tried out Kana Little Sister (which is very heavily shared around), and finished the game once, after which, I had my second run-through Kanon, going for Shiori's path (coming to think about it, I'm not certain fi mine is the non-H version). It was a jaw-dropper. Having been exposed only recently to a story with similar elements, Shiori's path reawakened the feelings I ahd upon seeing the 5th ending of KLS.

I was than hooked. I won't say how many I downloaded, but the number is a bit extensive. I've stopped now, but I have a collection that I dont' feel like throwing away just yet, for a reason I'd specify earlier.

Along the way, I came across a company that had, like Troika, gone under, and produced a gem of a ren'ai: Private Nurse. This game was so good, that, apparently, a non-H PS2 version of the game was released, the latter having far more interesting CGs to replace the sex scenes. Though I may never play the latter, I'd consider playing the non-H version someday because the story could exist without the Hentai, and the non-H version had many CGs that better illustrated the story.

And the company that produced it, and went under, was Angel Smile. Noting that it was a subsidiary of CD-Bros, I found out the Japanese website was removed way back, in 2004, just after theyf inished the last game, Figures of Happiness, the last eroge released by G-collections ebfore they disappeared, and the last game I downloaded.

It then occured to me, that, just like Troika, Angel Smile fell, not because of piracy that had a butterfly effect on the Japanese market, as it did on the English market, but rather, because the market for the Japanese side was not strong enough (and I'm sure there are far better companies than the ones udner CD-Bros, with Key being a key example)

And for a while, I thought that would be no hope for the visual novel format at all, that it would be kept to the knowledge of only a few underground otakun in countries that ban it, and to circles of dedicated otakun that could purchase the games in spite of expense.

That was, until today.


I admit that I was initially a bit disappointed by Haeleth's decision not to release the full patch without seeking approval. However, I first remembered that I got mine of p2p, instead of buying it myself, and thus, I would be undeserving of the patch.

If there is one game I did not download, despite all my desires to download it, it was Ever 17. This was because this was one out of the few visual novels that were released in SIngapore. the only reason why I haven't bought it, yet, was because it was in CHinese. Somedya, if I ever get round to learning Mandarin, I'd put in my contribution for the movement. But, for me, I like to to think that the movement can also be pioneered if existence, first, for the existence of the genre, and second, for the existence of the translated version, would be like.


As such, I more than applaud him. I stand by him, and personally wish that not only does Key allow his translation patch, but that they actually sponsor it, and allow a proper translation for the game to be made. Not the 'I don't care' response, like in the cae of Shuffle, but the recognition that there can be something gained out of it. And that this game is released, not just in the States, but worldwide.

If that ever happens, I'd personally throw away my pirated version of Kanon, and buy the officially translated game at my nearest store. WHile I admit that I would have wanted to try the softcore version, rememebring the feelings I had while playing Private Nurse, I'd rather buy an officially translated English version of Kanon that's acceptable by Singapore standards, than to play a H version that's against the law in many different ways.

I know that what I'm saying may be a bit too far-fetched (I'm not sure if Key would actually take fan translators seriously) But, remembering how Counterstike becamse something of an official mod for Half-life even though it was mainly a fan effort, I now believe, out of many things, that anything is possible.

And, noting a personal belief that the visual novel may be the next revolution in fiction after the graphic novel, I hope that Haeleth succeeds.
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