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Old 2012-02-25, 22:05
Soulweaver Soulweaver is offline
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Default Needing a lil' help with SEEN.TXT

Hi everyone! I've been planning to do an exhaustive flowchart of the choice tree in CLANNAD. First I was working empirically, but that proved too hard. Then I found out about rlDev and I decided to put it into use. However, no matter how I try to approach the problem, I can't get the result I want.

Attempt 1: As I know already from reading some stuff beforehand, CLANNAD FV's SEEN.TXT needs a binary compiled from the SVN sources. I spent a good while installing the needed dependencies on a linux system, ultimately getting as far as failing at the omake command for rldev.
*** omake error:
File OMakeroot: line 128, characters 69-91
unbound variable: global.OCamlScannerDeps
Google has maybe ten hits for that variable name so I really don't know what to do. The versions I installed should be working (as close to the specified versions as possible):
virtubuntu@ubuntu:~/rldev/src$ ./configure --no-vaconv --no-rlxml
Checking for Objective Caml >= 3.09... 3.09.3
Checking for native compiler... found
Checking compiler type... Unix
Checking for findlib... 1.2.1
Checking for omake...
Checking for extlib >= 1.4... 1.5.2
Checking for ulex >= 0.3... 0.7
Checking for hevea >= 1.08... not found
The `omake dochtml' option will be disabled.
Checking for pdflatex... not found
The `omake docpdf' option will be disabled.
Writing common/config.cfg...
Finished configuring RLdev.

-- Configuration summary --
Programs: kprl, rlc
Compiler: native code
Manuals: none
Attempt 2: After failing to see how to fix the problem, I tried to work with the English patch for the non-FV version + the prebuilt Windows binary instead. Well, all's good, except that it doesn't seem to like English and slaps both the text and the game logic into the same files. :/

Attempt 3: I search far and wide for the original version's unpatched SEEN.TXT without success.

So, in order to get moving here, I'd need
a) working advice to fix the compile problem
b) prebuilt Windows kprl binary that's up to date with SVN
c) the .ke files from an uncompressed SEEN.TXT from either version
d) the original 2004 version SEEN.TXT.

Can anyone help me here?

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Old 2012-02-26, 02:56
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Here you go.
SEEN.txt from the original version of Clannad
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Old 2012-02-26, 15:22
Soulweaver Soulweaver is offline
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Originally Posted by Blue View Post
Here you go.
SEEN.txt from the original version of Clannad
Thank you, this'll surely be of help to me. ^^
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