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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2005-05-14, 10:47
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Default Key fanfics, anyone?

Hi folks.

I was wondering if there are any demand for Kanon/Air fanfics around.
I looked around in and google, but the result was quite close to none.
Well this makes sense since, but I thought some people in/around this forum may find interest.

I could translate some fanfic stories here in Japan, of course with permission from theer respective authors.
If there were such stories, would anyone want to take a look?
And if so, which character(or heroine) would you like to see?

This is just a survey for now, so any reply is helpful.


By the way I took a look on Kanon English patch. Was quite impressive, it even has footnotes! It's nice to see those familiar Kanon text in English (and a good one!), very enjoyable reading. Keep up the good work!
Old 2005-05-14, 11:30
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I'm considering writing one, but if I did, I know I'd end up making a Self-Insert fanfiction pairing me off with Nayuki-Sama. I'm sooo pathetic.
Old 2005-05-14, 13:01
Slipgate Slipgate is offline
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I'd be interested.

There's one site that has some Kanon fics in English.
Old 2005-05-14, 17:32
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Forgive me for my incompetence, but could somebody please explain to me what a fanfic is? Much appreciated ^_^
Old 2005-05-14, 17:51
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Fanfic is short for fan fiction. Stories written by fans in the universes of a series or a thing and potentially using those characters or ideas.

For example if I went and wrote up a little adventure for Link and Zelda, I'd be writing a Legend of Zelda fanfic. If I wrote up some dramatic events for Shinji Ikari to experience... whether it was a short piece or a long multichapter work... it would be an Evangelion fanfic.

Old 2005-05-14, 19:45
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If someone's crazy enough, they should translate the 'Kanna Makes a PC' thread from 2ch. Really hilarious, if you know your hardware and your Summer.
Old 2005-05-14, 19:52
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Refer to:
神奈様のパソコン自作日記 The 8th Summer ───
Old 2005-05-14, 21:55
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I'd be interested. Especially if there was one for Revvie. yea, i know shes not Kanon, but sue me, i fell in love.
Old 2005-05-15, 03:55
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Originally Posted by kouryuu
but sue me, i fell in love.
*Does so*
I hereby sue you for the sum of five million dollars over the case of you falling in love with a robot. I'll see you in court.
Old 2005-05-15, 05:43
Hikari Tsukishiro Hikari Tsukishiro is offline
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I only know of four English fanfics.

Two of them are my crappy 15 minute story challenges, when all I have played was the first part of Misusu's story that the ATP translated, and there was no anime.

One of them is hosted by Uguu website.

And one of them is a valentine story by Sara Jaye.
Old 2005-05-15, 07:55
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Yes, Uguu was the website I was thinking of.
Old 2005-05-15, 08:15
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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Well you can find stories where the author reflects himself on Yuichi...

If I am to introduce those stories, I guess I'll set up a blog or something.
I'll give an update when it gets ready.
Could you tell me where that site is?

>zalas & AstCd2
Yeah that Kanna-PC thread's well known. Surprised to see that name here.
You could try to tell what it means but then you'd lose the essence of it.
And you have to KNOW Summer.
Me? Guess I could try....

Well Slipgate said it for me.

I'm sorry I don't know who Revvie is...couldn't find anything relevant on google.

Wow that's a big money...
There are countless robot lovers in JP because of To Heart...catch and sue them all and you could become a zillionaire.

I read the stories you mentioned, very good reading. I've seen stories with similar approach in JP too.
It's good to know we're on the same ground.
Old 2005-05-15, 08:33
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Unfortunately, hir, I only know of Uguu's "couple" of English-language fanfics. I've never seen any Japanese ones, so anything you've got will be new to me ;).