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Old 2011-10-02, 17:19
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Hi Izmosmolnar,

Thank you for your work on Yuno. I can't wait to play through it :)
I don't know how to contact other translation staff, so I wanted to ask you a quick question if you don't mind.

I just started playing Yuno, however I noticed that the voices sound too quiet while the background music is pretty loud, to the point where I have trouble hearing the voices themselves. Do you have any idea if music volume can be lowered anywhere?

I tried going as far as modifying music files directly, however I don't know how to unpack "Music.arc". So much for that.

Do you have any ideas?
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Old 2011-10-03, 00:50
kingshriek kingshriek is offline
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Yeah, there's a quite a few places where the music/voice balance isn't ideal and the music drowns them out, although I (hacker for YU-NO project) didn't feel that it happened frequently enough though to pursue making any changes in the patch itself. If you want to try making the changes yourself, here are some tools for packing unpacking the archives:

Tools are command line and have the following syntax:
arcunpack MUSIC.ARC MUSIC unpacks archive MUSIC.ARC into the directory MUSIC
arcrepack MUSIC MUSIC.ARC packs the files in the directory MUSIC into the archive MUSIC.ARC

The music files contain some metadata that determines how they are looped, so you must exercise caution in using a audio editor that preserves this metadata. I found that GoldWave works but Audacity doesn't - haven't tried any other editors. Remember to back-up the original MUSIC.ARC first.

If you are feeling more adventurous, I've posted instructions on how to use higher quality music (such as emulated recordings of the PC-98 game) with the game (the music in the Windows port is 22.05 kHz mono) on the Tokugawa Forums.
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Old 2011-10-03, 05:33
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Thank you Kingshriek very much for a detailed answer and instructions.
This is a lot more than I was hoping for.

Yeah, the music/voice balance isn't all that bad, it is just that because I learn japanese, I always make a point to hear japanese voices clearly so that I could compare my understanding of what was said with the text translation.

I have been doing it for so long now, that suddenly being unable to hear voices clearly makes me uncomfortable. And I really wouldn't want to play Yu-No without voices as the game is so much better with them.

As for the higher quality music, that seems like an interesting idea.
I should have time to try it tomorrow.
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Old 2011-10-04, 07:29
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Thank you again Kingshriek for the advice,
thanks to your instructions, decreasing music volume was pretty easy and straightforward.

Although I did have to fiddle a bit with the files to enable looping again after decreasing volume, thanks to the other post you made on tokugawa forums it was pretty easy too.

Since I only needed to do it for 22050 version, I didn't even need to use a different exe. Just slightly modify your python file to work with 22050 sampling and that was it. (thanks for making that place very obvious :)

After experimenting for a bit, the most comfortable music volume for me was 30% from the original. That way both the voices are clear and the background music is audible, but stays in the background.

If anyone else wants to have the same music files to enjoy the voices without background music interfering too much, here are my files:

(links removed)

it contains music.arc and SFX directory.
I decided to reduce game sounds volume as well, so that they would fit the music after volume decreasing.
Just overwrite the files in the game directory and you should be set. (You might wanna backup them first).

I will see if I can do something about 44100 vesrion of the music files. As I understand the main problem is to go through them all manually. Anyway, I need to get PC98 version music first...
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Old 2011-10-04, 12:58
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(Astral100: I've removed your download links as they can be considered warez.)
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Old 2014-03-12, 04:02
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So does anyone still have Kingshriek's available? MediaFire has long since deleted it, it would seem, and Google can't help me here - the only thing I return back to is the original post by Kingshriek on the forum mentioned above. is required to read/write the CUSTOM looping information in the .wav files, as per the post in the address below.

By the way, the forum was updated to phpBB3, and the new link to the same content is

(the old one is 404)
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Old 2014-03-28, 22:31
kingshriek kingshriek is offline
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Not sure what you need it for, but here it is:
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