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Old 2006-10-16, 04:39
Hans Breuer
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Default Translation of large RPG into JP, KR, CH

Hi everyone,

this is not spam, but an attempt to find help. Fan translators have worked for us in the past, adn we hope to find the same here.

We're a German-run, Taipei-based computer game localization outfit, and we're looking for people who can help us translate a large role-playing game (one million words) from English into Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The job will start in Q1 2007, and for each of these languages we'll need five translators and one reviewer, all of which must have a solid background in either translating or playing fantasy-themed Western RPGs. Familiarity with the topic is crucial, as concepts and terms from Western mythology (think JRR Tolkien) do not lend themselves readily to translation into Eastern languages.

Would you be interested in participating in this project, and even if not, could you recommend people of the above caliber to us?

Please don't reply here, but to the mail address below.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!!

Hans Breuer
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Old 2006-10-16, 22:30
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Default Re: Translation of large RPG into JP, KR, CH

Originally Posted by Hans Breuer
[...]this is not spam[...]

[...]Please don't reply here, but to the mail address below[...]
Somehow I think those two lines do not go very well together...
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Old 2006-10-17, 07:16
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At least he knows how to target communities.
Which is something I cannot say from other recruiters / advertisers.
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