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Old 2008-07-03, 15:35
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Default Issues with clannad

I bought Clannad full voice for the pc recently. i got subtitles from hongfire forums. whenever i run the game with these subtitles, i cant right click to save or access options.
if i run it without subtitles, i can, but no subtitles :(
there is a difference when starting it up though between the 2.
when i do it without subtitles, there is a white screen that displays kanji that if i start with subtitles it doesnt show.
any suggestions? i cant really enjoy this game if i cant save....
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Old 2008-07-03, 15:45
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Solution is to wait for the translation patch to be released.
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Old 2008-07-03, 17:32
razzial razzial is offline
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i thought people were already playing it?
if thats the case, id rather just play it now regardless of the full voice.
but yeah, ive seen like videos and such of it, so there has to be a way to get the full game at the moment?
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Old 2008-07-03, 18:56
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Yes, people are already playing it. The patch hasn't actually been released yet; any that are floating around out there have been compiled from the scripts off of the wiki by third parties and are completely unsupported. While the whole game has been translated and the scripts are posted, the quality of the translation from scene-to-scene ranges from pretty decent to barely better than machine translation. Furthermore, I don't think the group that's working on it has posted any of the edited scripts they're working on, so the scripts on the wiki aren't getting any better.

Your options are basically:
  • take what you can get now, play with a spotty translation AND no save capability
  • do some RealLive hacking and fix the save capability, but still play with a spotty translation
  • obtain the non-voiced version of the game which has a (unsupported) patch with save capability, but still a spotty translation
  • play in Japanese, or
  • wait for the patch to be actually released, which will presumably have working save and a decent translation

Personally, since good visual novels with English translations are both expensive and few and far between, I'd rather be patient and play with a good translation rather than get half the experience right now. But hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.
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Old 2008-07-04, 02:20
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Default 6th option

  • You can also go onto youtube and "read-watch" the game. "Yunabeco" has uploaded a lot of clips from an unofficial build.
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Old 2008-07-06, 18:53
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Originally Posted by regulusisthekey View Post
  • You can also go onto youtube and "read-watch" the game. "Yunabeco" has uploaded a lot of clips from an unofficial build.
Thats just....

wrong on so many levels.... -_-

morality, quality, practicality.... all of them -_-
Twitter: @jyuichi
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