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Old 2009-05-06, 14:41
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Default Anime Central (ACen) 2009

As of this writing, ACen 09 is only two days away, in Rosemont (just outside Chicago), Illinois. I'll be there from Friday morning through Sunday. It may rain, and it'll probably be warm outside.

VN-specific stuff: Okashi Studios (the people developing Shira Oka) will once again have a panel this year, Saturday around 4 PM. Last year, they had a place in the dealer's room, with a demo of their game on three different PCs. Also, the Hendane booth will be back. I'll drop by these booths/events.

The con had trouble last year with lines and crowds, but hopefully those issues will be resolved.

Anyone else going? Just curious.
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Old 2009-05-21, 03:18
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Things went well this year at ACen. I could have done without the column in the middle of my booth space though.

To those of you that came by to purchase something or just to chat, thanks for stopping by. :D
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Old 2009-05-21, 14:05
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Originally Posted by Shinikenshi View Post
To those of you that came by to purchase something or just to chat, thanks for stopping by. :D
If I may ask, what booth were you at? I talked to some staff at the Hendane booth, but at most of the others, I only asked one or two questions.

(Also, there was no Shira Oka booth this year. But there was an Okashi Studio panel. The two staffers there said it was still too early to set a release date or a price. If anyone else was there, I was the person who mentioned Summer Session, Spirited Heart, and Fatal Hearts.)
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