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Old 2007-07-18, 22:27
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Originally Posted by Agilis View Post
Originally Posted by SomeGuy View Post
Adventure games are typically made by ota, for ota. There's bound to be tons of shit only a fellow ota will get in them, and it's just silly to try translating something you don't understand (and I'm not talking languages here). Even if those things aren't important, they're part of what make the game what it is, and I think messing them up is doing a hideous disservice to the writer.
This is somewhat true, but it can't be that cut and dry. As an amateur translator we have freedom to pick our jobs, but even then, we can't honestly expect to know everything involved in the works we work on, else nothing would get done.
Even native otaku is so. I honestly guess there have been some parody lines I didn't notice in OMGWTFOTL. Fortunately I was in the position able to ask the author directly so most incomprehensible references, including those I didn't know the original, were solved though, but still it likely exists.

More frankly speaking, at the present condition the ability or the enthusiasm or the whatever to complete project weighs than a little accuracy, in my irresponsible opinion.

So I say turning my eyes away from my English ability. >_>

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Old 2008-04-12, 08:21
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Old 2008-04-12, 10:31
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If still relevant, you can translate on this wiki:
and the hackers'll do the rest. also,do something about those bots please.
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