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Old 2005-11-20, 21:44
Blue Lemma Blue Lemma is offline
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Default Alice Soft / Windows Translation Questions

Hello! I had a few questions:

I know it's not likely, but could anyone here share any knowledge about the file formats Alice Soft uses for some of their games? (namely .ald, .sco)
I'm trying a (probably partial) translation of Rance 3, one of their old games which they released to the general public for free.

I have figured out some information about the .ald file format and the .sco formats through hex editing and referencing Shift-JIS codes, but I still don't know everything I need to. Where can I find out more about "hacking" Japanese Windows files like this in general? How does one learn this stuff? I've just been going by my own programming instincts so far ^_^;

(Please don't point me to Zophar's Domain... I looked there already and couldn't find anything very useful.)

Thank you for any help! :)
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Old 2005-11-20, 22:32
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Shii Shii is offline
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Useful links. (maybe not so useful, this one. although I didn't realize that I could play Kanon on my Palm Pilot!)
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Old 2005-11-23, 04:16
GreatSaintLouis GreatSaintLouis is offline
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Originally Posted by Shii (maybe not so useful, this one. although I didn't realize that I could play Kanon on my Palm Pilot!)
Indeed, and on the author's website, there are many more visual novel games converted to run on the Palm. I can confirm Kanon - though not the current translation patch - runs well on my lowly Palm IIIc. ^_^

It'll be interesting to see if the final translation works - or can be coaxed to work - with this program. Having an English Kanon on the go would be absolutely amazing.
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Old 2005-11-23, 04:57
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Haeleth Haeleth is offline
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In theory it probably could be. Since Palm Kanon appears not to be open source, however, it would be a case of running the data converter on the Japanese version, reverse-engineering the converted scenario file, and writing a clone of it that succeeded on the English data. And, possibly, hacking the Palm interpreter to support English text, if it doesn't already...

Far better to buy a Zaurus, for which there's an open-source AVG32 clone (based on Waffle, IIRC) that could probably easily be modified to work with the English data. ^_^
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Old 2005-11-23, 08:46
GreatSaintLouis GreatSaintLouis is offline
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I had a Zaurus several years ago. It was a wonderful little device, capable of nearly anything. I eventually sold it because it was too much like a little PC, and I didn't want that sort of drama on a handheld. The IIIc is underpowered by a few orders of magnitude, but I never had to hassle with dependencies or whether a program had to be in flash or the device memory. Every now and then, there's a use that makes me with I still had the Zaurus, sortof. This is one of them.
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