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Old 2006-09-29, 20:50
K (lazy)
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Default Narcissu on an Intel Mac?

Yeah, I'm too lazy to log in. Anyway, I'm trying to show Narcissu to my friends, but one of them runs an Intel Mac and the Mac version isn't working. It just doesn't run.

I know nothing about Macs, so I make the assumption that the fact that it's an Intel Mac is relevant.

Sorry if it's been asked before, but yeah.
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Old 2006-09-29, 20:54
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Did u try the windows version? :P
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Old 2006-09-29, 21:08
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It runs fine on my Intel Mac. The version of ONScripter that runs the Mac version of Narcissu is compiled for the older PowerPC Macs, but the Intel Macs should be capable of running it.

Open up the Console application (in /Applications/Utilities), hit Clear, and try launching Narcissu. Do any messages show up in the Console log (particularly any about missing/invalid .dylib files?)

The Windows version won't work, at least without booting the whole machine into Windows.
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