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Old 2007-02-14, 17:39
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Default Planning to translate Demonbane

I'm thinking of translating "Kishin Hishou Demonbane" (sequel of the first Demonbane game) first since the story is linear and shorter than the first game but I don't know how to modify the script files and put them back to the game. My knowledge in japanese is limited but I have a friend who can help me translate the game and such. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance...
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Old 2007-02-14, 17:49
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What a oincidence.

[01:23] <Yuduki>                     Imagine.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  A night filled with the cries of the insects and the howling of the wind.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  Darkness illuminated by naught but lamplight.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  The scent of the ages drifting from ancient books adorning the shelves.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  Let us speak of cities.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  The city of illusions, London.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  Lurking mist. Wavering shadows. Drifting dreams.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  The city of malice, Shanghai.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  Hodgepodge of cultures. Hodgepodge of darkness. Hodgepodge of the grotesque yet fantastic.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  The imperial city, Tokyo.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  Falling petals. Shimmering moonlight. Dancing mysteries.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  And finally.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  The city at the forefront of magical theory.
[01:23] <Yuduki>  The chaotic city of pulp fiction at its golden age and dark age and age of turmoil, all at the same time.
[01:24] <Yuduki>                     The bewitching city of Arkham.
[01:25] <Yuduki>  Miskatonic University's secret library.
[01:25] <Yuduki>  Should you choose to peruse its history, you would find a long record of conflict between would-be readers and its managers over its countless books of forbidden knowledge.
[01:25] <Yuduki>  Some of said conflicts may very well include struggles for the fate of this very world.
[01:25] <Yuduki>  The incident he knows of is probably one of them.
[01:25] <Yuduki>  He is Miskatonic University's chief librarian, Henry Armitage.
[01:25] <Yuduki>  Gazing into the lonely shadows of this empty library, he recalls that this is...
[01:25] <Yuduki> "...just like that night,
[01:25] <Yuduki>  on the third of August."
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Old 2007-02-14, 17:50
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Old 2007-02-14, 23:23
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(Thread moved to technical issues.)
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Old 2007-02-17, 23:54
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To get the script out from the game, you can simply use ready-made tools such as ExtractData,
Use it to open script.pak, and you'll find lots of plain-text files in some sort of markup languange. Edit the contents under <box> tags, and remove the <R> tags 'coz you won't need ruby in English.
If you see something like:
<voice name="ロメオ" class="ロメオ" src="A00/0100310ro">
(this is not from Demonbane, though. it's from gekkou)
Think twice before you edit the "class" name, else you might have to do a lot of extra editing.

To pack things back, you'll need (someone) to write another program to do so. I don't know any ready-made tools to do that for you, but the task won't be hard.
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