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al|together Discussion and troubleshooting for participants and spectators in al|together festivals

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Old 2007-12-10, 13:01
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Is this game even possible to find?T.T
apart from searching trough jp online stores, I even tried to find a download link
nothing TT_TT
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Old 2007-12-17, 20:08
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I would have expected the majority of VN commercial localizations to consist of commercial doujins -- their licenses would be way cheaper than Air/Kanon/Clannad.
To recoup the costs of translating, publishing, and marketing games, you still need to release products that people want to buy. The problem with doujinsoft is that production values are rarely at the level of even lower-tier commercial games, so they're likely to be ignored.

I think Piece of Wonder has already fallen victim to that.
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