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Old 2007-09-17, 15:22
Dengeki Dengeki is offline
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Default Translations of non eroge/hentai visual novels

does anybody know where can I find any translation for any non eroge/hentai visual novel, such as Tokimeki Memorial?
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Old 2007-09-17, 16:21
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To Dengeki:

The site is a little out of date in places, but be sure to browse through It's a good place to start looking for translations, and learning about what's in the works.
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Old 2007-09-18, 07:25
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Tokimemo is one of those games everyone WANTS to translate...but...
"as long as their are crazed fanboys there will always be fan translations"

Anything created from love is beyond good or evil.

ほら、お名前は" - 【天野】
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