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Old 2006-07-09, 02:34
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Default Koi-suru Oukoku (GIGA) translation patch released

An english translation patch for Koi-suru Oukoku (恋する王国), a renai SLG by GIGA was recently released. It was translated by BTAxis, the same individual who translated Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal. <strike>You can get it here. I'll remove it after a few days, since I don't have much bandwidth to spare. I'm sure shii or misuzu will mirror it soon enough ^^..</strike>

Misuzu is now hosting the file at Visual News.

I found it interesting that the translator had originally tried to sell his translation to Peach Princess...
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Old 2006-07-09, 10:08
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Default Kingdom English Release

Damn. Beaten to the punch.

Anyway, the English title of the game is "Kingdom". I played through the translation for 1-2 hours early this morning, and it's a pretty cute dating sim (in the truest sense of the term).

In Kingdom, you're a young guy named Crow who is searching for his calling in life. He moves into a castle town, settles into a boarding house run by a distant relative, and tests his luck on the various jobs (and girls) available in the city. Some of the characters are... well... really weird. Depending on your attributes (gained from your job(s)), some characters may not even want to talk to you. There are 21 potential soulmates in the game, which means odds are there's at least one that you won't totally hate. At least, I'm hoping so: the arrogant waitress and the broken robot girl don't do anything for me. I only played for one week's worth of game time, so there are plenty of characters I haven't even met.

The translation looks quite professional, with some (but not all) of the graphics translated. From what I've seen, it's more polished than the Castle Fantasia 2 translation. The artwork isn't particularly great, but it's not bad, and some of the character designs more than make up for it.

As a nice little bonus, there's a tough little bomb mini-game in which you hurl explosives at other characters and hope to make it out alive (similar to, but not quite the same as Bomberman). This was apparently hidden in the executable, and BTAxis extracted and translated it. It's hard, but fun.

I'm pretty sure this game won't make it onto Shii's Translation Index because it's not a visual novel, and should not be confused for one. This title is intended for fans of dating sims along the lines of Casual Romance Club, but with a bit of RPG-style town exploration. It's not bad, but I don't see myself playing through the game completely for quite some time.
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Old 2006-07-10, 10:14
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Someone will ask this, so I shall do so for them:

Where might one acquire said game to make use of the patch?
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Old 2006-07-10, 11:38
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Unless I just completely missed it, I didn't see the game on Himeya, so your best bet would probably be Yahoo! Auctions JP (though all that was on at the time of this writing was a telephone card) or getting a company like Akibado to hunt it down for you. It was released back in 2001 or so, so it could be a little tough to get a hold of it.
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Old 2006-07-11, 22:05
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this will be your best solution, if you can't get the game legally anywhere ^^

[Please read the rules: the only copyright we infringe here is the right of translation. - Haeleth]
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