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Old 2009-07-11, 12:04
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Question Da Capo series?

A series with a lot of side stories or a hailstorm of re-releases?

Da Capo is a series i for a long time have been interested in checking out, but due to my lack of Japanese knowledge i decided to wait and see if i would have any luck with a translation. To keep the story short, i recently brought Da Capo from MangaGamer and i really like it, and i would therefore prefer to own a psychical copy (yes, even trough i don‘t understand Japanese).

I have decided that i might as well buy the side stories too to get a more complete collection, but here comes my problem, re-releases and upgraded versions.

Now, I have gotten the impression that Plus Communication is the pc version of the upgraded PS2 version of Da Capo with the original H scenes added, and would therefore be the best version to get (except if there are some other upgrade i have missed or the gratitude pack contains anything new), but then comes the side stories.

How many side stories does the first game have, i know about White Seasons and Summer Vacation, but now i have also heard about some Hot Spring and Christmas special and character specific games (and i think someone mentioned a game called V).

Is the game called After Seasons a collection of these side stories (all i have been able to gather is that it is a pc version of a PS2 game), and are there any games i have missed.

Google have only been leading me to torrents -_-, so i hope there is someone here who can help me out with actual information (hopefully also with the sequel T_T)

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
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Old 2009-07-11, 13:06
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DCPC and DCPS differ in that DCPC has the original seiyuu, while DCPS has the anime seiyuu. And obviously eroscenes.

To be quite honest I wish MangaGamer would port DCPS to PC and localize that, because I much prefer the anime seiyuu. Oh well.

As for the infinite fandiscs, just check Getchu or something. They're not going to be much use to you without Japanese (unless you like wasting money) so I recommend using Japanese resources to discover their contents!

Or just like, check Circus's homepage, I guess.
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Old 2009-07-11, 13:33
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Or, and search for Da Capo
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Old 2009-07-11, 13:46
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To keep it simple, there are just two games you need to buy to have a "complete" collection of the first Da Capo, namely Da Capo Plus Communication and Da Capo After Seasons.

The former you and Moogy already covered and the latter is basically a PC port of Da Capo Four Seasons for PS2. Four seasons collected the PC games Da Capo White Season and Da Capo Summer Vacation while removing the ero scenes, and also added a spring and autumn scenario. After Seasons is the same as Four Seasons, but with added ero scenes.

You mentioned Da Capo Onsen-hen (the hot springs fandisc), but I'd give up on that if I were you. As far as I know, it was never commercially sold and was only given away by Circus in some kind of special promotion (can't recall the details). I suppose it might be possible to find a second hand copy but the chances are likely to be slim.

EDIT: I just realized I forgot the most recent addition to the Da Capo series, namely the PS2 game Da Capo Innocent Finale dedicated to one of the heroines (Kotori). Don't know much about this one as it was released just a couple of months ago, though.

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Old 2009-07-11, 16:18
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Originally Posted by MaccaSvenne View Post
To keep it simple, there are just two games you need to buy to have a "complete" collection of the first Da Capo, namely Da Capo Plus Communication and Da Capo After Seasons.
Some also feel that the original Da Capo is an integral part of the collection because the new routes were sloppily integrated into Plus Situation/Plus Communication. The early portions of D.C. are better paced, so if you can't live with the thought of having a bastardized, drawn out intro, you need both!

Perhaps Circus even took advantage of that mindset, seeing that they released D.C. the Origin on the PS2. It's a port of the original game (incl. PC version seiyuu) without ero-scenes or P.S./P.C. content.
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