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Old 2009-08-02, 07:48
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Default Compiling ONScripter-EN-20080823

Hello, I'm trying to compile Haeleth's onscripter on IRIX using MIPSPro cc and as and ld from the GNU binutils collection. I get this error when compiling smpeg:
as: Error: /usr/people/shinichi/source/onscripter-en-20080823/extlib/src/smpeg/video/mmxflags_asm.S, line 54: must give attribute values for new section
     .section .note.GNU-stack,"",%progbits
gmake[1]: *** [mmxflags_asm.lo] Fehler 1
gmake: *** [extlib/bin/smpeg-config] Fehler 2
The offensive section:
#ifdef __ELF__
.section .note.GNU-stack,"",%progbits
So it seems to be a syntax problem, yet it compiles (not cleanly, warnings from other parts of smpeg) on my x86 Gentoo system. I've ascertained that I am using the GNU as. Is there something I should add to the code? What does .section by itself mean anyway? From what I read online, the syntax should be .section[name]...
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