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Old 2006-07-05, 10:44
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Default Microphone?


Does anyone know what microphone is being used whenever key or any other major company voices over their works? Is it the same for which anime is typically voiced over with? I'm not an expert, but I just wanted to know if companies really go 'all out' when voicing over, or if they use some radioshack variant ;)
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Old 2006-07-05, 16:18
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They probably use a standard studio-quality microphone.
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Old 2006-07-05, 17:08
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Originally Posted by Shii
They probably use a standard studio-quality microphone.
Would you say they have their own soundproof rec room, or just rent one?
Profeta de Pasibor
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Old 2006-07-06, 07:05
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I think it would be amusing to see them use the headphone in the microphone plug trick.
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