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Old 2008-06-13, 22:52
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Originally Posted by stranger_offline View Post
How can someone who downloaded a digital copy of a product that s/he a) never had money to buy b) never intended to buy c) even if he wanted to buy it they will never ship it to him. Be equal to someone sneaking into a theater or a train and occupying "physical space" that could have been sold to someone else?
What if there were tons of free space in the theater? :D That's the more apt comparison.

As for the milk scenario, now consider what happens if after a few times, the guy with the replicator doesn't get caught and/or doesn't feel guilty about it and then starts notifying other people of the possibility of this and gives them hints on how to easily get a replicator and that this sequence continues...

In any case, I guess it's really hard to draw analogies that match 100% in all the details.
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Old 2008-06-13, 23:20
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Basically, the rule of this world is that everyone work to keep each other alive. Let's say that kataoka san is working fulltime, now if nobody buy his eroges, who is going to pay for his rent and instant noodles? Even the nekoneko software went down, let's say some otaku wants to sell their scarlett on yahoo auction, now if nobody buy them, who is going to pay for the rent and instant noodles of these otakus who used to pay for tomo kataoka san's rent and instant noodles?

It's all about rent and instant noodles you see XD
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Old 2008-06-14, 00:28
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That is why I've made a point of adding the assumption that you will get the "milk" but not the "packaging", and how many of you is willing to actually drink their milk from a "plastic" bag? And also spend the extra time of searching for the duplicator (assuming that each duplicator is a single use item) then spend time waiting for it to work? One of the weakness of downloading the pirated digital edition is that you might not get it a 2nd time when you feel like playing/watching the download in the future.

the rent and instance noodles are important, but you need to keep in mind that honest fans do exist and they do buy the packaging for the sake of keeping the packaging (and few mislead souls will buy them to support the developer (sorry had to say it ;-) ) ). But only if they like the product.... I mean how many of you is looking for "public abuse" kind of VN? If a "public abuse" VN doesn't sale, then I for one will not feel sorry when the developer (or even the animator) goes down, I am still surprised that they can find voice actresses for those titles!

And yes, if someone does tell everyone that the duplicator will get them the "same" milk for free and they go ahead and do it (which by the way but them in the group of people who have money but go ahead and duplicate). Then yes that is a lose of sale. But again why is Himeya still in business and is still selling if everyone is a pirate?
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Old 2008-06-14, 01:36
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There's really something wrong here.... we are. Aren't we?

...sorry, can't keep the conversation in English, so i'll post my thoughts in Russian now (i'll translate this later, okay?).



Comparing the reality and virtual-digital space is principally incorrect. Because there's no such a thing in virtuality called limits.

Please think in that way: imagine, that you've been transferred into virtual-digital world. What does it means for you in the first place?

* First, you're immortal now.
* Second, you do not need to eat.
* Third, you can do the space warps, into any point of the world.
* Forth, in order to heal your teeth, or to retrieve missing arm, leg or something else, you do not need an doctor - all you have to do is simply grow another one... or, literally, change the avatar.
* And, the most important, fifth, you can be cloned for infinite times.

So, are you getting some feel of Agent Smith from Matrix now, don't ya? :P seriously.

The thing is, the whole principle of the digital storages and information transferrings is nuked, and now everybody are stepping on this mine hand-in-hand, especially when they're trying to make the money on it. Remember the SecuROM, StarForce and other "protections". What are they doing? Those protections - is nothing more than a try to tie the information and material, to the "structural traits" of the dirt & cheap "plastic carcass", which is written on it.

So, please remember one thing: when you're transferring yours (or somebody else's) creation into a digital world, you're letting it flow on it own, where it will be spawned and propagate without your concern nor any profit.

I can understand, when the mangaka complains about his works being copied without asking, especially when he produces and sells on his OWN. I can understand the doujin creators, when they're hard-working, lacking of eating, lacking of sleeping (poor guys students, what can they do?), buying the blank CDVD-discs and paper for laser printer on their own, and leaving the scene after the "leakage" into Torrents.

But, i CAN'T understand some "respectable" producers, like Electronic Arts, when they're complain about the piracy of their "AAA-class" production. Why? Because the selling price is HARDLY OVERRATED, and have no relation with the cost price of the polygraphy, materials, man-hours, and other production stuff.

I know, it's the same old story, but, did you ever thinked, how much the production of Windows costs to Microsoft right now (by taking each existant copy)? 0.0000001 cents! Then, explain, why the Microsoft don't makes the OS free of charge? Because they're making the impossible money, and it costs them nothing. That's why they'll never refuse to have such a sweet "piece of cake" called "PC users of the Planet Earth"!

You can rub against this piracy flaming as much as you like, but there's only one truth - information is nothing, and it always must be free (NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION IT IS). Every restriction is made for only the one thing - to make the money from nothing.

P.S. GreatSaintLouis, Asceai, i said i was sorry. ^_^; I'm in a bad shape right now, so it taken some time to translate (damn, freakin' headache).

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Old 2008-06-14, 03:07
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Look, this discussion has already gotten asinine enough, but as the majority of people on this board speak English (conversely, I'd be surprised if more than a handful spoke/read Russian), let's at least keep the long posts in the board's de facto language. What's the point in writing a big post that nobody else can read? It could be a cake recipe for all I know.
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Old 2008-06-14, 03:14
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I'll have you know that seeing that post filled with Cyrillic characters just about made my day. This thread needs more of that. =p
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Old 2008-06-14, 07:16
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Originally Posted by GreatSaintLouis View Post
It could be a cake recipe for all I know.