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Old 2012-04-24, 23:30
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Default Online visual novel platform

I'm currently building an online platform for people to work with others and write their own original or fan-fiction visual novels. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Would anyone care to use it if I built it? ( FYI : you can kinda see my progress at )
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Old 2012-04-24, 23:58
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Just my opinion, but 'maybe' and 'nope' to your questions.

Anyway, this forum focuses on translations of Visual Novels, and not creations. So you would rather pay attention to your Lemma Soft thread.
Good Luck.
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Old 2012-04-25, 21:19
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Well you're creating a new medium for people to express their creativity, but creating a VN is probably a lot more work than most of us are willing to put in (not the writing but the images and sound). It'll only gain popularity if a few talented people use it to create something really good and other people start jumping on the bandwagon.
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Old 2012-04-26, 23:44
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It's been done before, and much better than your current prototype.

OELVNs are generally seen as terrible by hardcore VN fans, though, so this really isn't the right place to ask for feedback on anything related to them. As #2 mentioned, you might want to try the Lemma Soft Forums instead. Though I feel LSF has way too much circlejerking, endlessly praising low-effort low-quality works nobody but LSF people like and basically stopping people from improving that way, I have yet to find any better alternatives.
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