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Old 2006-10-06, 22:11
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Hmm... no consequences translation. I like it. Makes me want to try my hand just so I can judge myself objectively.

Anywho, seems like a fun game(random translation chunks I mean). I had extracted the Clannad text before using RLdev a while back but maybe firing up Clannad is more fun.. I still have to play Fuko's, Mai's and perhaps one other route.
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Old 2006-10-06, 22:39
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Originally Posted by mansal
Hmm... no consequences translation. I like it. Makes me want to try my hand just so I can judge myself objectively.

Anywho, seems like a fun game(random translation chunks I mean). I had extracted the Clannad text before using RLdev a while back but maybe firing up Clannad is more fun.. I still have to play Fuko's, Mai's and perhaps one other route.
Fuuko's is one of the best.
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Old 2006-10-09, 01:08
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Here you go folks. There's a few inaccuracies, but bear with it.

A world, filled with white....

Yes, snow.
Even now, continuing to fall, covering my body in white.
What am I doing here...
Waiting here forever, all alone...
My hands... buried in snow.
They're... touching something.
Holding something.
A hand shrouded in white.
A girl's hand.
Oh, that's right...
I'm not alone.
Sweeping away the snow from her face.
Uncovering her peacefully sleeping profile
This girl and I... we're always been here together.
In this world.
This... world of loneliness and pain.

I hate this town.
It's full of memories I'd rather forget and places I'd rather not go.

Every day, I arrive to school late, go to lessons, each lunch with my friend, and then go back to the home I don't want to return to.
Nothing new ever happens.
Tomoya: (If so, are things going to change...?)
Tomoya: (Will my life ever change...?)
A randomly underdeveloped town.
Walking around mountains to get to school.
I bet the journey would be much more pleasant if I could walk right through them all.
The whole trip would take maybe 20 minutes.
Tomoya: (Twenty minutes a day...)
Tomoya: (Then, over the course of a year I'd save how much time...?)
I do the maths as I walk.
Tomoya: (Ahh, fucked if I know...)

There's no other students from my school here.
But this is the main road leading to my school, so of course it should be full of them.
It's not like today is a holiday or anything.
In other words... you could say that this is not the time of day students go to school.
But, ignoring this laid back image, I keep on walking at the same speed.

The school gate is only another 200 metres.
I stand still.
Tomoya: "Haaa"
I sighed, looking upwards towards the sky.

Just ahead is the school gate.
Who was the one who though it was a good idea to put the school gate all the way up there?
Like a bad dream, a long mountain path stretched on before me.
Voice: "Haaa"
Someone else's sigh. Shorter and gentler than my own.
I turn to look.

And there in front of me was another student standing still.
The colour of her uniform's insignia tells me that she is a third year like myself.
But, her face doesn't ring any bells.
Her short hair, being blown around by the wind.
Girl: "........"
Her face looks as though she might start crying at any moment,
Personally, I'm used to this sort of thing, but this girl looks like the type who takes things seriously.
Going to class by herself at this time of day must be a problem for her.
Girl: "Unn unn..."
With her eyes closed she mutters something to herself while nodding.
Girl: ".........."
And then, she opened up her eyes and started looking.
Looking at the school gates far up above.
Girl: "Do you like it, this school?"
Tomoya: "Ey...?"
Nah, she wasn't asking me a question.
She was asking one of the voices in her head.
What answer will she receive, you think?
Girl: "I truly, truly love it"
Girl: "But, whatever may happen... things cannot help changing."
Girl: "Like things that you enjoy and things that make you happy, everything"
Girl: "Everything cannot help changing"
So her private conversation continued.
Girl: "In spite of that, can you still keep loving this place?"
Girl: "I...."
Tomoya: "Why don't you just go and find them?"

Girl: "Huh...?"
With a startled expression, the girl looked at me.
As if, she believed there was no one else around right until then.
Tomoya: "Why not just go and find new things that you enjoy and new things that make you happy?"
Tomoya: "They weren't the only things in the world that you enjoyed and that made you happy, right? Of course not, right?"
Girl: "........"

Times when we're innocent and naïve...
We've all been like that.

Tomoya: "Come on, lets go."

We're beginning to ascend.
A long, long mountain path.

-14th April (Monday)-

Teacher: "Sunohara"
The teacher called out that name.
Teacher: "Not here as usual?"
I looked beside me, to Sunohara's seat.
The guy is even more of a slacker than I am.
The two of us are always called the class delinquents.
But you know, we get along pretty well.
And in my class, he's the only close friend I have.
The lesson started.
I spent it staring out the window.
And completely ignoring what the teacher was saying.

The entire day's worth of classes are over.
Right to the end, that Sunohara still hadn't turned up.
In the end, the only person I've spoken to today is that girl I met this morning,
Really, today was no better than any other day.
I'm not a member of any clubs, so after class I snatched my bag from the hook, slipped between the chattering students and left.

At this hour, there isn't anyone around at my house.
There certainly isn't a mother there.
Back when I was young, she died in car accident. I can't even remember what she looked like.
The shock of my mother's death was probably... what caused my father's life to crumble.
Turning to never ending drink and gambling.
My youth was completely wasted on arguments with him.

And because of that, our relationship changed.
We had a fight, and I was injured.
Since that day, my father stopped displaying any emotion.
And as well, he stopped calling me by my name like he used to, instead calling me "Tomoya-kun", with a -kun added to the end, and began talking to me in a guarded manner, like one would to a stranger.
And so we became shut off from each other.
Almost like we closed ourselves in our shells.
To separate the past from the present.

But I'm glad we pushed away from each other.
Even with the hurt it inflicted, it was still for the best.
But why, when my father saw me after I returned home from school did he act as though an old friend had made an unexpected visit, and begun chatting away happily.
There was no pain in his heart. It wasn't too awkward for him.
So I ran.
Not wanting to see his face, I live a life of not returning home until late at night, when my father is fast asleep.
Going to sleep around dawn, waking up after midday.
Since starting high school, it's like I've been late every single day.
This way of life has been continuing for almost three years.

Today as usual, I just changed my clothes, and then left the house before my father came home.
Such is my self-destructive routine.

Aimlessly wandering the streets at night.
But my final destination is always the same.

I popped by a convenience store and bought something for dinner.

With that in hand, I walked towards a dormitory building bellow the hill my school is on.
Our school encourages success in club activities and the like, so we get a lot of students coming here.
While they're separated from their real parents, those students spend their three years here.
Truly different people from students without any dreams such as myself.
I have no business with such people, but he... Sunohara lives here.
Sunohara was in the soccer team. Like the others, he came to this school for the sports.
However, back when we were first year students, he got into a huge fight with some students from another school and was suspended. After that he spent much of his time on the bench.
Once the next year's intake had settled in, the club wasn't really his place anymore.
Although he didn't exactly quit.
After that, he couldn't afford to change his lodgings, so he kept on living with all the sports types.

Voice: "How many times do I have to tell you!?"
Sunohara: "But the volume was down really low"
There's Sunohara.
In front of someone else's door, talking to an inordinately big male student.
Male: "Even if the volume was down, the walls are thin and I can hear it!"
Male: "Listen through some headphones!"
Sunohara: "I told you I can't afford any, haha"
Male: "Then, don't listen to it!"
Sunohara: "Nah, but, if I don't listen to it, I can't get in the mood, right?"
Sunohara: "Besides, I think this is a pretty cool song"
Male: "........."
Sunohara: "This time, listen to the lyrics. They're really cool"
Male: "None of that is cool!"
Male: "You piss me off!"
Male: "If I hear it again, I'm going to beat the crap out of you!!"
Sunohara: "Hiiiii!!"
Sunohara: "........."
In front of a closed door, Sunohara hanging his head.
Sunohara: "Shit... Fucking rugby team..."
He muttered under his breath.
Tomoya: "If you say it like they, they won't be able to hear you"
Tomoya: "Shit-!! Fucking rugby teammmm-!!!"
Standing behind him, I repeated his comment on the top of my lungs.
Sunohara: "Hiiiiiiii!!!"
Sunohara grabbed me by the head and quickly pulled me into his room.

From the hallway, and angry voice was yelling "Who said that!!".
Sunohara: "Haa... haa..."
Sunohara: "Are you trying to get me killed?!"
Tomoya: "You mean you didn't say that?"
Sunohara: "Listen, Okazaki..."
Sunohara: "Even at the best of times, my relationship with the rest of the people here is strained..."
Tomoya: "Beat them up"
Sunohara: "I have to live here for another year!!"
Tomoya: "So you plan to spend your life cowering in the corner?"
Sunohara: "Come on..."
Sunohara: "I couldn't even take them one-on-one. And anyway, they're the rugby team, right?"
Sunohara: "And all around here are the rugby teams' rooms..."
Sunohara: "If I ever caused any trouble, things would get pretty bad for me"
Sunohara: "But... I guess... after graduation it might be all right, maybe"
Sunohara: "When the time comes, Okazaki, you've got my back!"
Okazaki: "Lucky! That'll be the perfect place to attack"
Sunohara: "Attack them, not me!"
Okazaki: "But, I joined the rugby club, right?"
Sunohara: "When the hell was that!?"
Tomoya: "Nah, I mean when the time comes"
Sunohara: "Huh!? What!?"
Sunohara: "Then what about the last two years we've spent together!? Eh!?"
Banging on the wall.
Followed by someone yelling "Shut the hell up-!!!"
Sunohara: "Hiiii!"
Tomoya: "Same to you, dickhead"
Sunohara: "Stop it please!!!"
Tomoya: "You're really quivering"
Sunohara: "You... Please consider my situation..."
He's crying.
Sunohara: "I'm counting on you! Please just sit here quietly!"
Tomoya: "A... all right"
The increasingly unpleasant atmosphere finally got to me.

Munch munch...
Lying back between the kotatsu and the wall, I began eating my packaged dinner.
Tomoya: "Tea please"
Sunohara: "I ain't got any!"
Tomoya: "That's why I said "please", now isn't it?"
Sunohara: "Use your ears, I said I ain't got any!"
Sunohara: "You haven't mistaken this for a cafeteria have you?"
Tomoya: "This is your room. I know that"
Sunohara: "Yeah"
Tomoya: "And you're a maid, so that makes it a maid's room"
Sunohara: "So you have mistaken it, haven't you"
Tomoya: "Come on, please! I forgot to buy some"
Sunohara: "And it hasn't occurred to you to go get some yourself...?"
Tomoya: "But, helping me is your purpose in life, so you have to go get some, right?"
Sunohara: "I'm not falling for stuff you just made up!"
Tomoya: "It's like they said after you helped me"
Tomoya: "'At that moment, a man named Sunohara died...'"
Tomoya: "'Leaving behind just one thing. Just for you, a single cup of tea' ....right?"
Tomoya: "So, tea please"
Sunohara: "Don't make up grandiose lies!"
Tomoya: "Then, your final cup of tea will do"
Sunohara: "There's no first and there's no last!"
Tomoya: "Nah, I found it really touching. I've heard you put your everything into it"
Tomoya: "Bearing the incredible pain for someone else's sake"
Tomoya: "For the thirsty me, poring forth your life-force into a single cup"
Tomoya: "On your knees, squeezing out the final remnants of your life into the tea"
Tomoya: "And then..."
Tomoya: "'Master is your... tea...'"
Tomoya: "You'd say, 'this is... the final... tea...'"
Tomoya: "And on your dead face, there'd be a look of complete contentment"
Sunohara: "I really realised my dreams, didn't I?"
Tomoya: "Well that was your wish, right?"
Tomoya: "And then, with tears streaming forth, I'd drink the final tea"
Tomoya: "Touching, isn't it?"
Tomoya: "So, tea please"
Sunohara: "I said I ain't got any!!!"

After that, we spent time reading magazines.
Because he doesn't have a television, talking and reading are the only ways to pass the time.

Sunohara: "Huuaaah..."
Sunohara: "Shouldn't we go to sleep soon"
It's getting late. It's already passed midnight.
Tomoya: "Yeah, I guess you're right"
I don't sleep in Sunohara's room.
Even the thought of waking up next to him is depressing.
Sunohara: "Then, I'm going to take a shower"
Tomoya: "Yeah"
Snatching a towel and some underwear from the mountain of clothes in the corner, Sunohara left the room.
Tomoya: "........"
I'd really like to avoid a situation where I see Sunohara after he comes back from the shower.
I should go home.
I closed the magazine I was reading, and woke my body up
Standing up, I noticed a boom-box in front of me.
Looks like it has a tape inside it.
My brain sprang back into action.
If I remember correctly, way back ages ago this was a popular hip-hop song.
Tomoya: (Uncool...)
Tomoya: (He can't want to listen to this, right?)

Dub over it
Don't bother

All right, I'll change it into my own original rap!
The theme is the "my sacrifice for my friend Sunohara rap"!
He'll be so touched, he'll cry tears of joy.
Tomoya: ("All right, here I go...")
Taking a deep breath, I pushed the record button.
Tomoya: "...YO! YO! I'm Okazaki! You're..."
With the tempo down, I began spinning my words.
Tomoya: "You're..."
But... the words wouldn't flow.

Give it up. This is stupid...
Try and think of something good

Tomoya: "A Mongolian chop!"
Tomoya: "Nah, you're in a Mongolian chop"
Tomoya: "..wait, I'm not sure what the heck either of those mean..."
Tomoya: (Whatever. This is stupid...)
I hit the boom-box in frustration.
Why am I doing something like this for him?
And anyway, it's not like our relationship could really be called "best buds" or anything like that.
Tomoya: (I'm out of here...)
Before Sunohara could return, I vanished.
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great, you translete almost entire day.
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Originally Posted by feeling_the_heart
great, you translete almost entire day.
Pretty much. Enjoy.
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Er, yes, I don't mind translations of passages (particularly not for educational purposes, but I'd rather you didn't post anything longer than that. ^^
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9074 is... interesting.

『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
              …COMING SOON!!『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
            …COMING SOON!!『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
          …COMING SOON!!『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
        …COMING SOON!!『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
      …COMING SOON!!『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
    …COMING SOON!!『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
  …COMING SOON!!『Final Starfish Master Fuuko』
…COMING SOON!!                    You                   You                 You               You             You           You         You         You         Are         You       Are         You     Are         You   Are         You Are         You Are       Die!        You Are     Die!        You Are   Die!        You Are Die!                    You                   You                 You               You             You           You         You         You  ӌ