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Production & Help For discussions regarding production aspects, especially localisation, of visual novels and related games.

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Old 2012-02-18, 01:16
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Default Amagami Game Translation Project

(Beta) Patch Release For All Platforms

Please read the readme first for instructions on how to patch and answers to some questions I gave beforehand to avoid confusion about some things about the project. The SVN has also been updated mostly with a few exceptions for the tool and documentation has been also updated, but since Google Code closed in August this year, the original repository is now readonly. Any new tool code or documentation will be published elsewhere.

I hope you all enjoy.

Original OP post with file links removed:
Originally Posted by CirqueForge
Hello. Currently, I'm temporarily in charge of spearheading the effort along with a bunch of people to see if we can translate Amagami in English for the PS2. I was wondering if I can get any help in regards to this little possibility of translating this game. The translation only remains a possibility for right now for the reasons I am about to explain.

Around 5 months ago, a Russian dude by the name of freesmiler did some poking around and wrote some code in Qt for working with the game files, with the inclusion of extracting .SCF files with scripts which then again extracted into .XML files.

His site with all his documentation, tools, and source code is at

So around 5 days ago, I discovered his site and started to poke around at his code and got it to work and I managed to inserting my own text.

Despite that, there are now two major problems to work with at the moment that is blocking translation efforts.

1.) The source code and the tool that he provided for download do not work for a majority of users who I have come into contact with in the interest of trying to tinker with the code. I do not know if a full rewrite is necessary at this point for all of the code or not, but only another person running Debian and I was able to get it running and I can not get a fully working .exe with .dlls to work beyond simple extraction of .ARC files. Also, even with the whole thing working, the code is still very very buggy and there are still some specific script files that can't be decoded into an .XML file due to it crashing because of some debugger code in the source code that I still can't figure out the purpose of.

2.) As you can see in the picture above, I am using double-width characters as a workaround right now to insert text into the game because simple ASCII codes of S-JIS are used for some control sequences. The main problem is that the text box is limited to 69 characters, 23 per each line before the text overflows the text box.So, there are two options in regards to that. One is that I need to find the font file for the game and modify it, and I have no idea where it is other than in a .18 file that's in the root of the game with an .ELF header. However, there is nothing of that sort mentioned in the .iso. I have the file up for analysis at in case anybody wants to look at it.

So can anyone help out with this? I would greatly appreciate it. I have an IRC channel set up at if there needs to be more talk on this matter that can't be expressed simply by this forum.

Last edited by CirqueForge; 2022-05-31 at 07:28. Reason: Update post for possibly the last time with some up to date information and links. If the forums are still alive by the time we release a patch, I will do an update here.
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