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Old 2010-09-09, 17:21
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Default KiriKiri engine and Unicode Fonts in Windows 7

Excuse me, my friend is translating Sharin no Kuni and he has some problem with unicode fonts.
After modifying marco.ks, he was finally able to make the engine run unicode font in Windows XP but Windows 7 seems to be much more difficult...
(the best fonts that support my language are Times New Roman or other unicode fonts, non-unicode fonts can't be used with Kiri Kiri engine at all)
If you know solutions to this problem, please let me know. I'll be very grateful.

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Old 2010-09-09, 21:27
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You can work around the font restrictions in krkr by modifying the font to pretend that it's unicode. Or Japanese, more specifically. I don't know the exact details, but I'll ask the guy who does to give some details.
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Old 2010-09-09, 22:33
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You can also patch the executable to disable Unicode-only font restriction. Here's a good example (use Google Translate if needed):
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Old 2010-09-11, 00:36
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Here's a quick way to fix the problem that involves editing the fonts themselves rather than the game or executable.

1. Download High-Logic Font Creator which you can download here (30-day trial version, unrestricted).

2. Open the font you want to edit (e.g. Times New Roman, but I recommend using a free font and not a commercial one).

3. Click Format, Settings, select the Ranges tab, then click Edit... in the Code Page Character Ranges section and uncheck all the checkboxes while checking JIS/Japan (932), then click OK, then click OK again.

4. Click Format, Naming, click Windows Unicode BMP (UCS-2) and change the names in the Naming sections where applicable, then click OK.

5. Then click File, Save As..., then name the file whatever you like (e.g. newfont.ttf) and click Save.

Then just install that into your Windows fonts section and it should show up in the KiriKiri2 engine for any game.

Some fonts might look ugly, so it might take you a few tries to see which fonts look good.

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Old 2010-09-13, 21:47
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Thanks all of you very much. I'll try it now .^^.
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