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Old 2007-07-12, 13:55
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Default Going to Japan, how 'bout a trip to the Narcissu universe?

I'm leaving for Japan in winter 2008, and seeing as I enjoyed the novel Narcissu quite a bit, I thought let's take a couple of days off to see Awaji island. Since I currently don't really have many plans set I'm pretty much open for any dates and means, as long as I get there. Saying "money is not an issue" would be wrong, and the cheaper the better. I'll have some ¥180.000 - ¥200.000 to spare for this. Would a Japan Rail Pass get me somewhat in the right direction if I go from Tokyo? Train, bus, taxi?

This'll be my first time over there, so any help'd be appreciated. And 'pologies if this question doesn't belong here.

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Old 2007-07-12, 14:17
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Default has a general map of the route taken in the story. Not exactly what your looking for but certainly a good place to start. sounds like it has what your looking for. The section you probably would be most interested in is "Get In"
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