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Old 2007-12-18, 09:14
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Smile Ever17 English Error Correction Patch

Currently i'm doing several modifications of the both game script & archives.

Since no one here is interested in the text ECP-fixes...

As you probably know, the voice-overs of Ever17 is not the AAA class (especially the high-noised Coco's speeches), so here's my improvements:

* Processing via GoldWave's noise reduction filter
* Processing several voice-overs via SBAudigy with EAX echo & chorus effects (really great thing for in-mind or hallucinated "conversations")

More info & sample files coming asap...

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Old 2008-01-07, 08:25
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Okay, here's one important hint about the in-game OST.

As you probably know (yeah yeah, repeating the same words again. Sorry, can't help it), the stored in-game OST quality is so-so (22050Hz 4-bit Stereo with high noise rate). But, i'm sure you have the OST on the CD-Audio or MP3s, right? So, why don't make an improvement to the one of ever-important Visual Novel game aspects? ;) And here's the instruction how to do it:

Step 1. Rip your OST into .wav files (set encoder to Microsoft's ADPCM Codec (NOT IMA ADPCM!!) and 44100Hz 4-bit Stereo - otherwise the game will refuse to use result files).

Step 2. Next, name the files in this order:

bgm01.wav = 02. Insel null
bgm02.wav = 03. Ersteboden
bgm03.wav = 04. Zweitestock
bgm04.wav = 05. Drittestock
bgm05.wav = 06. Lemurianische Ruine
bgm06.wav = 07. Kosmisher Wal
bgm07.wav = 08. Qualle
bgm08.wav = 09. Karussell Delphine
bgm09.wav = 10. Wei[β]er Hund
bgm10.wav = 11. IBF Notfall
bgm11.wav = 12. Tief Blau
bgm12.wav = 13. Kopfsprung
bgm13.wav = 14. Traum in der Dunkelheit
bgm14.wav = 15. Hologramm
bgm15.wav = 16. Das Absuchen
bgm16.wav = 17. Gedaechtnisschwund
bgm17.wav = 18. Drittes Auge
bgm18.wav = 19. Klamauk
bgm19.wav = 20. Heilmittel
bgm20.wav = 21. Wiedergeburt
bgm21.wav = 22. Karma
bgm22.wav = 23. Der Mond Das Meer
bgm23.wav isn't even exists and not used by the game at all.
bgm24.wav = 25. Drittes Auge nehmen
bgm25.wav = 24. Je nach
bgm26.wav = Der Mond Das Meer (Coco's Version). Not included in the OST.*
bgm27.wav = Der Mond Das Meer (Sara's Version). Not included in the OST.*
bgm28.wav = 26. Aqua Stripe
bgm29.wav = 01. LeMU~遥かなるレムリア大陸~(KAORI)

* - if you don't have those tracks, then simply ignore them.

Step 3. Download archive extractor\creator & WAF\WAV converter - AnimED from here.

Step 4. Extract BGM.DAT archive contents via Game Archive Tool (G.A.T.) tabsheet. See? There's must be extracted totally of 28 ".WAF" files.

Step 5. Press "Batch conversion" button via Audio Tool tabsheet. Select folder with prepared wave files and click "Open".

Step 6. Copy resulted ".WAF" files and overwrite original extracted files with them.

Step 7. At the G.A.T. tabsheet, set "Output format" to "LNK (DAT)", press "Create archive" button and select the required files or folder contents (depends if "get from files" or "get from folder" option is set).

Step 8. Copy the result .dat archive to game folder and rename it to BGM.DAT (don't forget to backup your original archive).

Launch the game and check the result! ^_^

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Old 2008-02-10, 21:38
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I would like to help too. Specifically with the script. So basically if you know of a way to change the text can you tell me?
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Old 2008-02-11, 03:01
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I would like to help too. Specifically with the script. So basically if you know of a way to change the text can you tell me?
Sure. Please refer to this thread at The working method is posted there. The mentioned tool(kit) allows you to fix executable's text as well (i gave up the idea lately, gomenosai -_-).

P.S. I'm sorry, but i can give no support for my tool anymore. I'm tired of all of this. T__T

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Old 2008-04-22, 10:28
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Well, it's time for something big and material. ^_^

Finally, our big patch for Ever17 has been released. For all lazy people who didn't even tried to apply our instructions (see above).

"Little"& simple BGM patch. Greately improves in-game OST quality (no more noise and low-bandwidth sounds). 134 Mb. Download it here.

Enjoy. :)

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Old 2008-04-22, 14:14
Some Random
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This is relevant to my interests. *downloads*

How goes the grammar fixes?
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Old 2008-04-25, 12:07
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any way we could get this uploaded to a bit faster service like rapidshare or something? my download cancels out every 10 mins or so.
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Old 2008-04-25, 12:44
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use d/w manager
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