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Old 2011-01-14, 05:15
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Default How to unwrap an embedded KiriKiri game?

Sorry, once again I make a new thread ^^;
I tried using xp3tools and kirikiri tools to extract the files from a series of KiriKiri games that were previously embedded into an executable (with no other files around). With one it worked, and I even was successful at re-packing the modified game files (one problem is that I couldn't put it back in an embedded executable format, could anybody help me with that? ^^; ); but with the others it failed.
Xp3toold reports this when I try to extract out of them:
Expected "XP3#0D#0A #0A#1A#8Bg#01" at position 0x0 but saw "MZP#00#02#00#00#00#0
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Documents and Settings\Andoru\Desktop\xp3tools-20060708\xp3-extract.p
y", line 97, in ?
    assert_string(arcfile,'XP3\x0D\x0A \x0A\x1A\x8B\x67\x01',ERROR_ABORT)
  File "C:\Documents and Settings\Andoru\Desktop\xp3tools-20060708\", l
ine 122, in assert_string
    raise 'assert_string'
With kirikiri tools I managed to get my hands on the files, they do show up into separate folders like "scenario" and "system", but all the image and audio files seem to be corrupted, plus that I can't get any proper text in the .ks files.
Any suggestions what I could do?
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