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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2010-10-25, 12:02
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Wink Ichibancon Visual Novel Panel!

Konnichi wa minna-san! Hisashiburi desu ne?

Rai here. And yep, I'm doing it again! I'm doing my VN intro panel at yet another con I'm attending next year. This time it's gonna be at Ichibancon in Charlotte, NC January 7-9.

Panel Title: Visual Novels 101: More than Just Dating Sims and Porn
Desc.: To Heart, Kanon, and Fate stay/night oh my! Visual novels have become an important part of anime mainstream over the past decade. Come and find out more about this rich world which is more than just “capturing the girl”.
Time: Saturday/Sunday 12:00-1:00AM
Place: Panel Room 1

* Same panel as I've done before basically. Same 'helpers', same self-humiliating incorporation of HCG & clips, pretty much same content except for some newer materials I'm adding in and polishing up on the old.

* I will be cosplaying this time as Keima Katsuragi from "The World God Only Knows", possibly presenting in character.

* Gonna be using (O)NScripter this time instead of RealLive. Mainly so I can show off what it can do to the Anime Club I'm in at school who've said they wanna make a VN for the club! XD

* Now with three times the cross-engine hacking than just Kirikiri to RealLive x.x (RealLive, Softpal**, and Kirikiri).

** Why Softpal? Because a certain mischevious, 'catty', Haruhi Suzumiya-look alike is gonna be there to bring me pain O_o; Curse you Noizi Ito and my damn curiosity! >< If someone so as mentions anything about curiosity and a cat, I swear I will break out my Keiichi bat from my Higu cosplay!

As for some of the newer materials, I'm gonna be discussing more on (Fan-)translation and the rise of MangaGamer.

I usually keep a pretty good finger on the pulse of the VN culture but I would like some input on what people think are the top 5 events in the translation/licensing of VN's that have occured within the past few years. and top 5 events in the incoporation of VN's into the mainstream

I think that's enough for now. ^^;

Ja, ne
Breathe Deep.
The answers are all around you.

Last edited by JRaiKetchum; 2010-12-25 at 15:03. Reason: Schedule up finally!
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