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Old 2010-07-21, 10:58
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Default Looking for a VN suggestion

So, a friend of mine is going to fly to Japan in September. He promised to look for some CDs and VNs for me over there and bring them with him. I always wanted to go shopping in Japan and grab some stuff, but now that I really have the chance I can't decide on what to actually get :) So I hope you guys might be able to give me some suggestions.

First finding a place on where to buy them... from the "Going to Japan!!!" thread I gathered that this place called Softmap is the best to find eroge at reasonable prices? I don't mind if the game is used. What would you guess is the average price for a game, or is it totally random all over the place and totally unpredictable how much it will be?

Do they also have CDs? I'm specifically looking for Animetal CDs, as they are ridiculously overpriced on Amazon as import (like 45€ for an EP) and I can't find them anywhere else.

The main reason for making this thread was to get some suggestions on which VN to actually buy.

What I like the most are VNs with a focus on suspense and good stories. What I don't like at all is Slice of Life / High School stuff. Comedy I only like in small doses and not as a main attraction. There should be an English patch available or expected in the forseeable future (no projects that are stuck at 3% progress for one year now) or the game should have Japanese that's so easy AGTH can do a reasonable job on it (aka not so many funky accents). H content is prefered but not a must.

Some VNs that I already played and really liked were: FS/N, Tsukihime, Sengoku Rance (I know it doesn't fit my perferences that much, but the gameplay + h content made up for the lack of story for me), Princess Waltz, Gekkou no Carnevale and Dies irae. Some I played and didn't like at all were Tears to Tiara (can it get more cookie cutter than this?), One or X-Change 3.

Based on that, any recommendations for me on what to get?
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