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Old 2010-02-07, 14:43
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Default Problems Extracting Data.xp3 of Swansong

Hello, I wanted to extract scripts from Swansong and thinking of slowly translating the game.
So, I downloaded Insani's xp3 tools and using xp3-extract.exe, i extracted the data.xp3.
But when I open the file (of course choosing japanese encoding) but it gives me some alien symbols only.
So I thought maybe I did something wrong while extracting, I tried to extract again and found the message saying,

"WARNING: File is encrypted but no known encryption type specified
Known types include: fate_trial, fate_full
Checksum error, but continuing..."

So I tried the two types above by adding -fate_trial, -fate_full, or -fate and tried but all three times gave me the same message.

Please help me how to extract files from data.xp3 of Swansong. Thank you.
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Old 2010-02-07, 15:31
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Old 2010-02-07, 16:09
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Thank you for the advice.

I downloaded kikiriki.exe and madCHook.dll and tried to unpack data.xp3 but it gives me the error message "EPrivilege."

I placed the kikiriki.exe and madCHook.dll in the game folder and followed the instructions on the webstie but it gives the error message I mentioned above. Is it because the file is encrypted? Is there any other program or special command to unpack this game ?

Thank you.
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Old 2010-02-07, 21:26
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use crass for encrypted files
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Old 2010-02-08, 12:29
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Thank you very much!

I guess I did not search the Internet thoroughly. Still, it took me few tries to figure out that I need parameter. But it worked for the encrypted file!
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