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Old 2007-12-21, 07:10
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Wink Where can i download 'realive.kfn' ?

I try transition CLANNAD to Korean yesterday.
but RLDev is don't operate!

Error : unable to lotate reallive.kfn.
Try setting $RLDEV to your RLDev installation directory.

What is 'realive.kfn'??
and Where can I download 'realive.kfn'?
and Where can I download 'reallive interpreter'?

please help me~! T.T

(Server is damaged. may you can't enter this page from Japan and
except S.Korea)

thanks for read.
2007-11-21 11:55 p.m. (S.Korea and Japan)
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Old 2007-12-21, 10:12
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reallive.kfn is used by rldev to convert between RealLive bytecode and disassembled (human-readable) kepago code. It's included in both the source and binary packages available here. Regardless of whether you compiled rldev from source or you're using the Windows binaries, reallive.kfn will be in the 'lib' directory.

Open the System control panel, go to the 'Advanced' tab, and click the 'Environment Variables' button at the bottom. Click 'New', enter RLDEV for the name, and enter the path to the lib directory that contains reallive.kfn for the value. This should enable rldev to work properly.

The RealLive interpreter is the program that is used to run recent Key games. If you have a recent Key game, you have the RealLive interpreter. There is nowhere you can download it by itself, but you can obtain it by downloading many of the trials from Key's web site, if you don't already have a game that uses it. (If you don't, I don't know why you're trying to use rldev, though.)
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