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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2006-11-16, 18:36
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Default [Disc] Kanon 2006, second movement

[New thread to prevent unwieldiness.]
[Previous thread: A steady 4/4 meter]

Episode 7 - another enjoyable episode, but more than anything that had to be one of the best next-episode previews I've seen.
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Old 2006-11-17, 06:14
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definitely an enjoyable episode. originally I didn't like Makoto from the old Kanon, but in this she is just awesome.

along blogging the episode, I've done a bit of an addition. Each week I'll feature a piece of Kanon merchandise that I own.
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Old 2006-11-17, 18:58
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Thoughts about Episode 7:

1) Moral of the story; the best time to pull a fast one on Aizawa Yuuichi is not so much when you think he's not looking, as when you know he is.

2) "Ichigo jyamu, ichigo jyamu, ichigo jyamu....."

O. M. G.

Nayuki breaks new ground in the moe Richter scale. *melts*

3) LMAO. Poor Makoto. How did she survive that day's breakfast anyway? A new great mystery from Kanon.

4) Wow, Nayuki actually blows up at Yuuichi! It's kinda refreshing, in a way.

5) I felt the Shiori and Mai scene was unnecessary this time, and in a way even detracts from Yuuichi's generally good character as a whole. I mean, how heartless do you have to be to leave poor Nayuki alone suffering like that?

6) The Ayu scene seemed a little out of place this episode, too...sure she's cute, but we can easily do without her once in a while, can't we?

7) The bridge scene was powerful. Now they're starting to get into the good stuff *nod nod*

8) For those who's still looking out for a Suzumiya Haruhi cameo......I think it has already happened. Right now I'm only waiting for Yuuichi to say, "At least we can count on Kawasumi...I take that back."

Thoughts about the preview:

1) Very well done. We're into the Makoto arc for real now. There are those who say that a newbie should give Kanon a look up to the 5th episode before dropping it; I disagree. This is where the real substance of Kanon starts; doubters should give Kanon up til at least episode 9 before making a judgement, in my opinion.
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Old 2006-11-17, 19:25
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Now *that* is an amusing sign.
It reads 狐不理包子. For those of you who don't know, 狗不理包子 is a famous meat-bun delicacy from Tianjin, China, and they've replaced the "dog" part with "fox" for obvious reasons. The history behind the name is that the guy who originally made these had a nickname of "Dog" and the name of the buns is short for "While the Dog is selling the buns, he pays attention to nothing else" since his buns were really popular and he was constantly busy selling/making them.
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Old 2006-11-17, 20:42
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Well, it's the suxx0rz to see that Makoto's arc is starting, and by the same token, xabjvat fur'f tbvat gb or gur svefg gb tb. Frrvat Zvfuvb jnf na vafgnag "bu penc" zbzrag, va zl bcvavba.

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Vg'yy or vagrerfgvat gb frr ubj guvf cynlf bhg. Gurl pna pregnvayl qent ba gur Znxbgb cneg sbe zbfg bs gur frevrf ol whfg univat ure gnxr gur onpxfrng juvyr fgrnqvyl univat gung zragny qrpyvar vafgrnq bs fgevpgyl qbvat jung gur bevtvany Xnaba qvq jvgu gur "bar tvey qbja, arkg bar" guvat. Rvgure vf svar ol zr gubhtu-- XlbNav vf qrsvavgryl fhecnffvat zl rkcrpgngvbaf. Gur cerivrj sbe gur arkg rcvfbqr ybbxf gb or gur bssvpvny fgneg bs Znxbgb'f raq. =(
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Old 2006-11-17, 21:36
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Just a thought......are we going to get a Kyon-esque "WTF are you talking about, Yuki/Amano?" from Yuuichi next episode? :p
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Old 2006-11-25, 01:52
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Episode 8. Damn KyoAni, lengthening Znxbgb'f nssyvpgvbaf...
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Old 2006-11-25, 06:11
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Thoughts about Episode 8. First off, let's start with the lighter moments:

1) Wait a minute...that second name Yuuichi gave the cat before he decided on Piro. "Shameseduka Shameo". Is that a reference to Shamisen of Suzumiya Haruhi fame in any way?

2) Yuuichi: "It's a word born from the universe that strikes the girly side of my heart from the Maiden Cosmos."

I just wanted to smack him upside down when he said all that bullcrap.

3) ROFL. Mahou Shounen Yuuichi!!! Together with his sidekick (and cook) Mahou Shoujo Sayurin, he shall save the world from all evil, and get all the girls while he's at it!!!

4) Oh, man. First Mai, now Mishio. Maybe there IS an Integrated Data Entity somewhere in the Kanonverse after all to have so many "terminals" running around in that school...

5) Makoto: "I was planning on showing you a good thing."
Yuuichi: "If it's you naked, I've already seen it."

Once again, I really REALLY wanted to smack that bastard upside over the head. Although if it was me, I sure wouldn't mind a second...alright. Somebody slap me now.

6) Damned, that was some purdy animation in the Monomi Hill scene. Grass blowing in the wind so

7) Nayuki sure has great fashion sense. And OMG, I almost thought she was gonna snap Piro's neck there!

8) Check 15:17, on the top right hand corner of the magazine. That's right, "Yotota"

9) Yuuichi: "I certainly do, but the way you phrase it gets on my nerves."

Hold on a moment there. I distinctly remember Kyon of Suzumiya Haruhi fame saying something very similar to that...

10) Okay, so why is Yuuichi saying the exact same line that the voice at the beginning of most of the episodes says?

Okay. Now for the serious stuff.

Indeed, the true essence of Kanon is beginning to show itself. This is where the fun part ends, and the "crying" part begins. And cry I did; when I heard Makoto's words while she was dreaming in Yuuichi's bed. Even after knowing the story by heart, that's one scene that can still grip you, and grip you hard. In fact, this scene is more likely to resonate more with the veterans than with the newcomers who don't know any better yet.

Which is not to say the rest of this episode falls short. It doesn't; despite Mishio's resemblance to a Nagato-type alien terminal, the grief certainly shows through in just the correct way. Props to whoever the voice actress for her was.

The plot, too, is now very obviously delving deeper into the first arc. Finally KyoAni decides to do without Shiori or Ayu for once; props for that. And extra props for weaving Mai even deeper into the core storyline - while newcomers may not see it as yet, one can sense the feeling that she's in far deeper than she was in the first anime, and although I've never played the game, I'm pretty sure she plays even more of an integral role here than she originally did. Hints are all over the place on this one, and if that's not enough, Yuuichi's flashback has now provided the key to which anyone can infer the truth behind everything. If I go on anymore I risk going into spoiler territory, but in any case, this episode is shaping up nicely for what's about to come. It can only get better from here onwards.
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Old 2006-11-25, 08:03
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Heh heh. Episode 8 was simply excellent for me. Been enjoying it since the beginning, but this one was simply so enjoyable for me. Keep it up, KyoAni.
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Old 2006-11-25, 17:04
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I got bored this weekend, so I decided to watch the current episodes... in fast forward. I got screencaps of the anonymii that had speaking lines or were otherwise detailed. Well, only the ones outside of the school, anyway.

Number 5 didn't have any detail or speaking lines, but I took the screencap because they had a strange resemblance to numbers 2 and 3. But that would be a time paradox.

All in all, it looks like KyoAni only has three crayons for the generic people's hair color.

Oh, and #2 looks a lot like Shiratori from Mahoraba.
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Old 2006-11-26, 05:12
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a bit late, but done none the less. screens and this week's featured merchandise, an Ayu pencilboard!