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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2006-11-27, 06:17
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Default Move FAQ

--this document is currently work in progress--
Well, the move is complete.

I'm sure theres a lot of questions (or maybe not) and whatnot, so I'll try to explain some stuff here. This is the VisualNews Gemot, the successor of Hæleþes gemot. The Hæleþes gemot will be permantenly closed, and all discussion has been diverted to VisualNews Gemot. I give you a cordial welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

So, what has changed?

Forum software:
Obviously, the Gemot runs now on vBulletin instead of phpBB. This was done for a variety of reasons, which I may get to writing in the next days.
Disabled HTML:
HTML posting has been disabled across the boards. This is to help combat spam. Some new BB code has been implemented to take the place of common HTML tags that were used on the original Gemot.
All avatars will be stored on the VisualNews Gemot server side now. Also a restriction of 150x150 size limit on avatars is now enforced by the software. Because of the requirement of running all avatars server side, all users must update their avatar information from the User CP.
BB Code:
To replace the common "floating text" html and ascii art html from the Gemot, two new BB code tags where introduced.
The first is [JP]: [JP]'s functionality is to be used to creating floating text (primarily for inserting translations) for Japanese text. An example would be:
HTML Code:
The second is [AA]: [AA]'s functionality is for Shift-JIS Ascii Art. An example would be:
HTML Code:
[aa=This if floating text for AA]ASCII Art goes here[/aa]
The forum is now administered by Message and I. Haeleth will be acting as a temporary moderators for a couple weeks to help with bug fixes, but will resign that position at a future time.
The Skin:
Yes, I want to gouge my eyes out too. For right now, please bear with the default skin while we tackle slightly higher priority bug fixes first. I promise you, it will change. (Besides, Haeleth promised to make us a skin after he learns a little bit about vBulletin skinning =P).
This brown theme will have to do for now as a temporary skin, theres obviously some things that need to be changed in it, but its not as glaring as the default vBulletin skin. I'll get to customizing it when I get home today from work to make it a bit nicer.
The Rules:
Pretty much, the majority of the original Gemot's rules have kept. The BIG difference is that now you are allowed to discuss about unauthorized translations projects now. Tsukihime, Wind, Clannad, Shuffle, they're all fair game if you desire to discuss them.

So, what hasn't changed?
The Community and Content:
All your posts, all your user information, all your PMs, everything is still here. All your friends (and possibly enemies) are also here. This may be the new Gemot, but we want it to feel just like the original.
Guest Posting:
This is something both Haeleth and I strongly agree on. Guest posting without restriction (to an extent) is a must, and thus is continued in VisualNews Gemot.

So, what do I need to do?
As a user transitioned from the old Gemot, there is a couple things that you should do. First, go to your User CP and make sure all your information is valid and correct. If you had an avatar, you will need to change your avatar settings also. If your signature contained HTML, it is quite possible that it may have not converted overly properly, so please check that. Otherwise, feel free to start posting again.

Known Bugs
The Forum CRAWLS!!!!
Well, I messed up something somewhere along the line and I'm guessing my Apache is consuming up a huge amount of resources right now >.>;;. I cant reset it till I get into work in about an hour, so bear with it a little bit.

--additions will be added later throughout the day--
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