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Old 2007-02-17, 14:09
Rasqual Twilight
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Default Machine yomigana/furigana annotator?


I'm looking for a solution that can annotate Japanese text, preferably using a template system (so that it can be adapted to outputting XHTML, plain text or engine-specific text).

My best hint so far would be looking at the rikaichan Firefox extension (GPLv2, based on Jim Breen's EDICT) and port it to another language for use on the command-line (e.g. Java) - 他の心当たりあるだろうか?

jBrowse (IE activeX, free-beer shareware) is interesting but not open-source, is also based on an EDICT, and makes errors still (some people claim it is inferior to rikaichan, I can't really tell).

Thank you for any suggestion
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Old 2007-02-18, 17:15
zalas zalas is offline
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The problem is that in order to recognize well enough kanji compounds to be able to tokenize them, the program would essentially have to derive semantics from a sentence. By the time you can do that correctly, you might as well go with the full machine translation...
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Old 2007-02-19, 11:56
roxfan roxfan is offline
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Check out ChaSen.
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