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Old 2007-02-22, 07:00
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Default planetarian and BB Games

When planetarian got a patch, I purchased the game from BB Games, as the guide provided by insani said so. I played through the game and I enjoyed it. Now, a year and a half has passed and I'd need to redownload the game for an article I'm currently working on. I've redownloaded the game once before since my initial purchase; I've updated the DRM on the site, and got my download link, and the game worked fine. But now, there simply is no drm center anymore. doesn't exist.

The game can still be purchased online and is now offered through a different service than BB Games, but why would I need to purchase something again if I already own it? This pretty much irritates me, and I was one of the few who still held some faith in the whole idea of DRM.

If anyone knows a solution to my problem or can offer some insight on what happened to the service, I'd very much appreciate it.

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Old 2007-02-22, 07:37
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always a problem when you have a drm protected program. which is why I went and bought the cd version. good luck though
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