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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2006-09-30, 13:55
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Default The "Disappointment on Translation-Hold" Thread

Alright, I know nobody really cares about what some guy on the Internet (myself) is feeling about the subject, but this is for all the people who feel they have to say something about it before they simply go away and never come back. There has got to be other people who don't check the website on a daily basis and had no opportunity to state their disappointment in the now-locked 2&1/2 days thread. Let the pity-party begin! And please don't argue about it. This thread is only about getting your final say/cry.


I joined the board as an adolescent (maturing slowly I guess) in January 2004 apparently. I was interested in visual novel idea because it is the only opportunity to experience events which can never happen to me. Wanting to try it out and see if I liked it, I downloaded Kanon through a P2P program. I am very thankful that the title included English text "Kanon", otherwise I would have had to search it through Japanese text. Despite what you would think, pirating foreign software is really hard.

It sure was awkward to run the game in full screen and look directly at the upper-body of a drawn character, but its cool. I got to come on the board before so much people arrived and I got to ask my noob questions and questions that I already had an answer to; like most teens usually do. I got some ways into the Mai scenario and then saw something about a voice patch, so I went and downloaded that stuff too. It took an hour to figure it out, so I decided to make a guide for it afterwards.

After playing the 57% patch, I was thinking to myself, "I'll have to buy this". I wanted to have my older brother play it too, but I couldn't just let him play a half-translated thing because he seems to view things negatively unless it is in full context. One day he told me he would be interested in trying it out (he just said it out of nowhere), and I told him to please wait for it because Haeleth might just pull through on this. I'll have to call him about the bad news this weekend.

I know the Internet is full of disappointments. Things always get canceled when there aren't any progressive patches and they decide to go "final version or nothing". I actually remember stating it on this board, "Please don't go straight for a 100%, something might happen and you will end up claiming your hard drive died." I can only assume that Haeleth is telling the truth (thank you) behind his reason for canceling Kanon: a translation. I am not implying that he is lying, so just leave it at that.

Knowing the release of the Kanon translation was uncertain, I said here on the board that I currently had a downloaded copy of the game and was going to purchase the game when the patch came out. It sounds like other people had jumped the gun and bought it in the past few months. Jeez guys, try to be more cautious next time.

Why didn't I see it before? I attempted to download the Kanon patch a few months ago and it wasn't there (unless I was dreaming this up). I actually have a habit of checking file integrity every once in a while by downloading the file again and seeing if anything has changed, usually someone updates the InstallShield installer in a package without giving any note. I didn't complain because I already have the patch on my hard drive. "Checking file integrity by downloading again is just a bad habit anyways." Ha ha, I learned something cool today.

I'm leaving my self-proclaimed duty to check every few weeks. I'll probably remember this in a year and check back again. Please remove me from the mailing list of people on notice when the next patch comes out. If the next patch does come out, I'll certainly hear about it elsewhere. Anyone else hoping Kanon would be your first full visual novel; you can get something from Hirameki, they have my business starting today. Thank you and good day.

Edit: Removed an unfinished sentence.
"Its hard not to be jaded by the time your my age." - Kitsune, Love Hina TV Series
"I wonder if we'll meet again someday, on that hill..." - Precious Memories, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien OP Single
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Old 2006-09-30, 18:56
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Cyborg_Alberto, half machine, half... eh... Something you, "meatbag", call "human"... Or someting like this... Here since 1st September 2005.

I like animes and Key works as well as most part of this members, and unlike almost all you, I like the kick-@$$ Super Sentai Mecha (Well... Except for the strange vehicle choices for DaiBouken, but it's a good mecha anyways. ^^)

Once a time, I was searching for anime images. So, I found some ones with awesome quality. The anime name is Kanon.
So, I, simply, would know all about such anime. So, I found Kanon was a game who became an Anime. With my 56k modem, any kind of download any kind of data was a great time wastage...

...Until I enter in my 1st University (Just for 6 monts, while I waited the other...), when I knew a good friend who could download the Kanon game for me. As well as several members, I got the game by P2P hands, something all know and I don't say here again and again...

Well, I'm the kind of guy who, when it gets a game, it'll get ALL AVALIABLE PATCHES for it. ^^
And the only reason I had in the epock to get the Kanon was just for the english patch. Oh man, if you'd know about one brazilian who asked me about INSTALL the game with original installer...

So, I got the patch, after the game, and after, I joined here.
After see about the great Kanon voice patch guide by the good JudiacorOmega, I've decided to search these bastard files... The searches were catastrofics...
(But I got them recently. ^^)

In the begining, I visited the several times in the week, waiting for the 100% patch, but I don't like waiting much time, so, I gave up...

In these times, I downloaded the _inmm.dll. And with this, I learned a great way to burn my Kanon CD with more free space (useful to guard my Kanon anime in RM format ^^). created a guide for the brazilians, and several time after this, one for this forum, absolutely ennhanced.

I was almost thinkin' about to create a portuguese translation patch after the 100% english patch, once I don't know anything about japanese. I had in mind to translate the Translation installer and create a... "personal" patch with uncensoured CGs in a crazy Photoshop tryin'... Even a forum with good data about the games I was planning to create, once the few brazilians who got the game doesn't search any kind of game data here, but with me...

So, recently, I entered here and saw another post about the translation...
"Ah man... Not another mu7h4F0ck4R cryin' about the translation...", So I didn't read the topic (The several posts also annoyed me a lot!)

At last, I saw another nightmare: The project will be hold until he gets some permission...

Done. That's the end of my search...

(please, no offense intend in my words... Just my persnoan opinion I coudn't post in the right post, once it's locked.)

Look. I'm very annoyed about this, of course, as well as almost all members here, but after see the loooooooooooooooooooong time for the final patch comes, and see another ones ready for "glory" (Planetarian, Narcissu and the Narcissu 2 demo), I start to believe we didn't see this patch in these our lives... Maybe in the other, but NOT in this...

However, I won't hate Haeleth just because of this, no...
I'm very grateful for all noob-to-medium answered questions I made in PMs, even some part of my english skill I learned here, but it's a little annoying anyway...

When I was "noob" about this, I though it was only a question of Haeleth's personal live (Hey, no one lives in a only thing...). But after see the last news in the site, I could understand more about the great problem about the games translation...

My last word: Haeleth doesn't the only here who translate games. I know even about portuguese translation for the "common" games (I mean; Age of Mythology - The Titans and such; no japanese games here...).
I though the translation project was an efforty from a game lover for another ones, as well as the several unnoficial add-ons, maps, MODs and such for several another games - And these ones, in the most times, are made without any permission, or even knowledge, of the "softhouses"...
But, since a long time, I see Haeleth is very worried about the copyright, and that's the main reason of the translation "holding" (Sorry, no better word in mind...), unlike several others, who only... translates

You made your best, Haeleth. And despite all angry, I'm happy for this.

See ya, and enjoy all here. The _inmm.dll topic is locked, but you can e-mail or PM me in case of doubts.

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Old 2006-09-30, 19:06
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I stand by Haeleth's decision, although that doesn't necessarily mean I'll make the same judgement call should the time come when I actually finish what I'm translating (*bursts into laughter*). Moral grey areas, don't you love 'em?
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Old 2006-09-30, 19:44
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Originally Posted by Carl
I stand by Haeleth's decision, although that doesn't necessarily mean I'll make the same judgement call should the time come when I actually finish what I'm translating (*bursts into laughter*). Moral grey areas, don't you love 'em?
And what should that be? (If it's what I do realize the kind of torture you'll have to endure.)
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Old 2006-09-30, 20:02
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It's a good thing there's a difference between morals and ethics. =)
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Old 2006-09-30, 21:04
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Originally Posted by inuyasha9854
And what should that be? (If it's what I do realize the kind of torture you'll have to endure.)
I've been dicking away with North Wind for a while now, but due to my limited kanji I've been making slow progress. I really aught to extract the game text and do it that way, but that would require reverse engineering ADVWin32 (or is it AGS?), the though of which is enough to chill my blood.
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Old 2006-09-30, 21:14
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Okay, final opinion on the subject- this decision should have been reached/thought about BEFORE the project was undertaken and people invested money based on the promise of its completion. Haeleth should have thought things through much more carefully before beginning.

But that didn't happen, and people wasted a lot of time and money based on Haeleth's newfound fan-translation ethics. The whole thing, like most other visual novel translations, was ultimately a failure, plain and simple. I can't hate someone I've never met, obviously, but I can find them severly incompetent and won't waste anymore of my time.

My final say. :)
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Old 2006-10-01, 03:30
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Before I head off to bed, since I didnt get a chance to post it in the last thread, theres a couple comments/discussion regarding the topic also on VisualNews. Link
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Old 2006-10-01, 03:40
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I can only suggest that Haeleth should at least makes an effort to completely translate part of the game. Namely Ayu's Path. What says everyone ?
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