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Old 2011-09-29, 16:05
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Hongfire is back

Partial patch for 'Junk Seeker 初回版' is out by a Hongfire Group.

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Old 2011-09-30, 18:21
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Go!Go!Nippon! has sold more in 1 day then Kara No Shoujo has sold since release.
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Old 2011-09-30, 20:19
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I hope he was comparing those sales to Kara no Shoujo's first day...

As much as I'm happy for GGN I hope KnS wasn't a disaster for them since we are still missing out on Cartagra's patch and on the future Kara no Shoujo 2 (or whatever it will be titled), and it's unlikely for them to pursue further Innocent Grey games if their sales are abysmal.
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Old 2011-09-30, 22:29
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I hope he was comparing those sales to Kara no Shoujo's first day...

As much as I'm happy for GGN I hope KnS wasn't a disaster for them since we are still missing out on Cartagra's patch and on the future Kara no Shoujo 2 (or whatever it will be titled), and it's unlikely for them to pursue further Innocent Grey games if their sales are abysmal.
Yes, that was purely a Day 1: Day 1 comparison. Kara no Shoujo's sales have not been terrible, but they've not been Shuffle or Koihime level either.
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Old 2011-10-01, 04:04
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Originally Posted by kouryuu View Post
Yes, that was purely a Day 1: Day 1 comparison. Kara no Shoujo's sales have not been terrible, but they've not been Shuffle or Koihime level either.
I know you probably can't answer this too much directly, but is there a chance to see Cartagra or other Innocent Grey games?

Also, I would gladly buy again Kara no Shoujo if you were able to release a dvd edition.
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Old 2011-10-01, 08:25
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Hmm, I think people also seem to forget that the first day releases of Kara no Shoujo were also affected with Mangogamer's repeated failures to upload the correct finished release for about 3 days, as the one they started selling at Day 1 had that nasty bug of spoiling major spoilers via the notebook, and other people (even us, its fantranslator group) suggested everyone waiting a few days with buying it until the intended version was finally uploaded.
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Old 2011-10-02, 01:49
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Oh, and before the spoiler version release there was no release for a couple hours, followed by a non-DRM release which they then pulled, and there was no download for a couple hours again. (Then came the spoiler release izmos described, which stayed up for ages.)

(June 29th, MangaGamer releases are put online at 0:00)
01[00:02] <VDZ> Gah
01[00:02] <VDZ> It's 00:02, and Kara no Shoujo isn't for sale
[00:09] <~Kouryuu> huh.
[00:10] <~Kouryuu> Guess that means Japan decided to do it the hardway.
[00:10] <~Kouryuu> oh well.
[00:10] <~Kouryuu> I'm sure it'll be up sometime tonight
[00:10] <shinji> >_>
[00:10] <~Kouryuu> it'll be 8 AM in Japan in another hour or so
[03:00] <~Kouryuu> heh.
[03:00] <~Kouryuu> got word.
[03:00] <~Kouryuu> the guy in Japan who would likely be putting it up by hand doesn't get to work for another hour www
03[07:12] * Kouryuu changes topic to '4 14Kara no Shoujo: On Sale NOW! | 5We Love Master: Testing Done | 12ef: first tale in Alpha | 9Edel: Testing Done | 11Go Go Japan: Testing Done | 13Harukoi Otome: 5/6 routes TLed | 10DearDrops: Riho route in TL | 4Kouryuu: Go advertise us!''
01[07:18] <VDZ> >Product [Kara no Shoujo] is out of 1 stock
01[07:18] <VDZ> Bloody hell
[07:18] <~Kouryuu> what?
01[07:18] <VDZ> I can't add Kara no Shoujo to shopping cart
01[07:18] <VDZ> Says it's out of stock
[07:19] <dan88> I can confirm
[07:20] <dan88> Well, someone brought it
[07:20] <dan88> bought*
01[07:20] <VDZ> Well, for me it's no big problem, I won't have to the time to play it until tomorrow anyways...but yeah, it's kinda a serious problem for MG
[07:22] <~Kouryuu> I've informed people.
01[07:25] <VDZ> People on the forums have also pointed it out already
[07:27] <~Kouryuu> Yeah
[07:27] <~Kouryuu> guy in Japan fucked up.
[07:27] <~Kouryuu> (ノ`△´)ノ ┫:・'∵:.┻┻:・'.:∵
[07:27] <~Kouryuu> we're working on it
01[07:29] <VDZ> Look on the positive side!
01[07:29] <VDZ> Kara no Shoujo is so popular it sold out!
06[07:29] * VDZ is shot
[07:40] <dan88> problem appears to be fixed
[07:41] <Wykel> Yup seems that way
[07:42] <~Kouryuu> it's working now?
[07:42] <shinji> yeah
[09:07] <VDZServer> What, the lack of DRM was just a mistake? How disappointing
[09:12] <shinji> anybody have it downloaded?
[09:13] <shinji> got a corrupt download I think..
[09:15] <shinji> trying to re-download
[09:15] <shinji> it says "You cannoy download this product now"
[09:16] <shinji> cannot
01[18:15] <VDZ> Huh...reading the forum thread, looks like the release had some problems?
[18:15] <Pixymisa> one of the files is apparantly corrupt
[18:16] <~Kouryuu> well, honestly
[18:16] <~Kouryuu> my best suggestion
01[18:16] <VDZ> I was talking about the late release, early download bug, DRM-less version, download being down afterwards, major spoilers being added to notebook on first read...
[18:16] <~Kouryuu> is go spam our support e-mail with your problems
[18:17] <~Kouryuu> because Japan's the only one who can fix this shit
[18:17] <~Kouryuu> and I know evospace is the only one who even looks at the forums over there, and these aren't his fault.
[18:19] <~Kouryuu> has it been confirmed that a new version with-DRM is being downloaded now?
[18:20] <shinji> so it's not just me
[18:20] <shinji> the xp3 file is corrupt
[18:20] <shinji> the big file
01[18:20] <VDZ> Um...considering nobody has said anything about DRM still not being in after download went down to fix it, I'm guessing it's in now
01[18:24] <VDZ> >I'm playing the DRM enabled version, but then again it could still be a reupload error. Saddest part is I can't even use my tainted knowledge to get a good ending. [hedonism on MangaGamer forum]
01[18:24] <VDZ> So yeah, DRM confirmed I guess
06[18:31] * ~Kouryuu wonders if they uploaded the beta accidentally, then slapped DRM on it post-fact
[18:31] <accRei> lol
[18:31] <Pixymisa> did the final have the bug fixed?
[18:31] <~Kouryuu> Pixymisa: Really the Japanese version had that bug?
[18:31] <Pixymisa> well
[18:31] <~Kouryuu> yeah, the final version had the notebook bug fixed
[18:31] <Pixymisa> >>7549233
[18:31] <Pixymisa> The bug is not fixed with the DRM in fact the bug was in the Japanese version too so it won't be fixed.
[18:31] <~Kouryuu> we specifically checked for that.
[18:31] <Pixymisa> although that sounds like a guess
[18:32] <Pixymisa> so we have a beta version release :D
[18:32] <shinji> any checksumming we can do? >_>
01[18:33] <VDZ> Has the download been taken down yet? Or at least given a huge 'THIS WILL SPOIL THE GAME' warning?
[18:33] <Pixymisa> pffft
[18:33] <Pixymisa> Japan is in bed, as Kouryuu said
01[18:33] <VDZ> You mean nobody outside Japan has access to the website?!
[18:33] <Pixymisa> seems so
[18:33] <~Kouryuu> basically.
[18:34] <~Kouryuu> and correction, KnS has sold 100... now
[18:34] <~Kouryuu> \o/ only needs to sell 250 more today if it's going to surpass Koihime
(Note: notebook.tjs is the file that caused the bug)
01[18:40] <VDZ> notebook.tjs of no-DRM .exe is the same as the trial version
01[18:41] <VDZ> I don't have the DRM .exe here, does anybody have it?
01[18:51] <VDZ> Yup, the notebook.tjs differs between the non-DRM and DRM version
01[18:53] <VDZ> Okay, is there anybody here with the DRM version that doesn't mind risking spoilers?
[18:53] <Agi-nyan-manaka> \o/ I expect nothing short of chapter 3!
01[18:53] <VDZ> I have a patch that may fix the issue
[18:53] <Agi-nyan-manaka> oh you're at that part of the scenario
[18:54] <Agi-nyan-manaka> okay you're maybe 2-3 hours from the end
[18:54] <~Kouryuu> あの青妹め!俺お邪魔しやがって!
[18:54] <Agi-nyan-manaka> finish it \o/
[18:54] <Agi-nyan-manaka> aonee is cute
[18:54] <Agi-nyan-manaka> kaibara elena doing what she does best =3
[18:54] <~Kouryuu> Aonee is cute and amusing
[18:54] <Agi-nyan-manaka> though I like aomai more
[18:54] <~Kouryuu> I loved her total monologe there on the date
01[18:54] <VDZ> Dammit
[18:54] <~Kouryuu> that was wwwww
01[18:54] <VDZ> Anybody??
[18:54] <Agi-nyan-manaka> internal dialogue w
[18:55] <%Shinikenshi> man forget this hiyo thing...what you need is dengeki stryker!
[18:55] <%Shinikenshi> nekketsu mugendai!
[18:55] <~Kouryuu> spoken out loud www
[18:55] <Agi-nyan-manaka> \o/
[18:55] <~Kouryuu> The tea is a trap!
[18:55] <Agi-nyan-manaka> yeah go finish that scenario
[18:55] <~Kouryuu> is it ending the way I'm thinking it's going to end?
[18:56] <~Kouryuu> (with you not getting with hiyo)
[18:56] <~Kouryuu> >x<
[18:56] <~Kouryuu> though honestly,
[18:56] <~Kouryuu> Harutsuge has been wonderful in this scenario
[18:57] <~Kouryuu> I almost wouldn't mind an ending with her
[18:57] <Agi-nyan-manaka> don't worry, you get her scenario soon =x
[18:57] <Agi-nyan-manaka> just because you don't finish w/ all teh girls doesn't mean you don't get all the backstory
[18:57] <Agi-nyan-manaka> =3
01[19:00] <VDZ> Kouryuu, can you at least make a warning tweet so people following MG on twitter are warned?
01[19:13] <VDZ> Dammit, still no reply to my test request
01[19:17] <VDZ> I'm tempted to upload the entire fucking game just to have someone test the fix
01[19:48] <VDZ> Nobody's testing it...if I get spoiled by this, I'll hate MangaGamer forever
01[19:49] <VDZ> ---------------------------
01[19:49] <VDZ> AlphaDISC
01[19:49] <VDZ> ---------------------------
01[19:49] <VDZ> [1911] Failed to issue Authentication Code.
01[19:49] <VDZ> ---------------------------
01[19:49] <VDZ> OK
01[19:49] <VDZ> ---------------------------
01[19:49] <VDZ> Oh, what the hell
01[19:49] <VDZ> The DRM fails
01[19:49] <VDZ> Ahaha, ahahaha
01[19:50] <VDZ> If it fails at every download, then I guess it isn't nearly as pressing an issue
01[19:55] <VDZ> Makes me wonder if it's just the DRM itself failing or the server being down
06[19:55] * VDZ downloads Meakashi to test
01[19:56] <VDZ> Server down, it seems
01[19:56] <VDZ> Looks like at least somebody somewhere is paying attention
01[19:56] <VDZ> Can't activate Meakashi either
(I later found out that the server was NOT in fact down, and people were fully able to download and activate the spoiler version. The DRM issue was just a problem that made the DRM refuse to activate on WinXP 64-bit, regardless of whether the game itself runs on xp64. As of GoGoJAPAN, this DRM bug still exists and I had to crack my legal copy.)
01[21:25] <VDZ> Huh, what the hell
01[21:25] <VDZ> >nope, authentication works dandy, shame the saves don't work >.< ooo well. Though the DRM is raping my netbook on startup olol.
01[21:25] <VDZ> Why doesn't authentication work for me then? Neither on KnS nor on Meakashi
[21:26] <~Kouryuu> VDZ: my suggestion? E-mail our support staff instead of asking tech-illiterate me =x
01[21:26] <VDZ> Actually, that was a subtle way to ask for confirmation that it is indeed down. Or isn't it?
01[21:26] <VDZ> Do you have any DRMed MG games you could try activating?
01[21:27] <VDZ> See if you get 1911 failed to authenticate immediately
[21:29] <~Kouryuu> the answer is I have nfc
[21:29] <~Kouryuu> I'm eating lunch while watching Nichijou
01[21:30] <VDZ> You really don't care, do you?
[21:30] <~Kouryuu> today? no.
[21:30] <~Kouryuu> I'm upset that Japan is causing problems
[21:31] <~Kouryuu> but there's jack shit I can do about it.
[21:31] <~Kouryuu> so instead of stressing myself over it, I'm not caring about it.
[21:32] <~Kouryuu> cuz stressing over it won't get it fixed any faster, and just make my day worse.
[21:33] <~Kouryuu> so unless you want to keep troubleshooting it yourself, my suggestion is to e-mail our tech support, grab a beer, and try again this evening/tomorrow
01[21:37] <VDZ> I know it'll get fixed eventually, probably before I get a chance to play myself
01[21:38] <VDZ> The problem is that lots of fans might get spoiled in the meantime, since only people visiting IRC or forums know about the bug
(There was no tweet or other official news on the subject yet.)
[21:42] <Wykel> Oh joy. So there is no version without the bug to be head?
01[21:46] <VDZ> There is a version without the bug. The DRM-less version
01[21:46] <VDZ> Also, my patch might solve it, but I can't and don't want to test
[21:46] <~Kouryuu> huh?
01[21:46] <VDZ>
[21:46] <Wykel> WTF?! The initial version without the DRM is bugfree?
[21:46] <~Kouryuu> why would the DRM-free version be bugless?
01[21:47] <VDZ> Because it has the same notebook file as the demo
[21:47] <~Kouryuu> that was the one with the bug, wasn't it?
01[21:47] <VDZ> Whereas the DRM version has a different file
[21:47] <Wykel> OK
01[21:47] <VDZ> Nope, the DRM version is the bugged version
[21:47] <~Kouryuu> ~_~
[21:47] <~Kouryuu> what?
01[21:47] <VDZ> I can't guarantee the non-DRM version has no other bugs, but the notebook file is the same as the trial's
[21:47] <Wykel> How would I go to verify this xp3-extract.exe on the patch.xp3 or where is this stuff stored
[21:48] <Wykel> < VDZ> Nope, the DRM version is the bugged version <= This is really horrible
[21:48] <Wykel> Only the pirates get the good experience
01[21:48] <VDZ> Huh? Verify what?
[21:48] <~Kouryuu> have you actually tested the non-DRM version by opening the notebook at the specific time where it would be horrible to open it?
[21:48] <~Kouryuu> cuz that's really the only way to be sure.
01[21:48] <VDZ> I haven't, but since the bug is in the notebook file
[21:48] <~Kouryuu> Wykel: No, it's nothing to do with pirates.
01[21:48] <VDZ> Pirates don't have the DRM-free version last time I checked
[21:48] <~Kouryuu> apparently someone in Japan forgot to put DRM on the version initially on our site
[21:48] <Wykel> Ah ok
[21:48] <Wykel> But I have it ;)
[21:49] <~Kouryuu> so the VERY FIRST people who got the game have it without DRM
01[22:13] <VDZ> If the info is completely blank other than the portrait and occupation, that means it's fixed, right?
01[22:13] <VDZ> If so, then it's fixed in the non-DRM version
01[22:13] <VDZ> (Well, I knew it already, but now I've proven it)
01[22:15] <VDZ> for screenshot
[22:26] <~Kouryuu> there VDZ enjoy tweets.

(They never sent a follow-up tweet, but they did send a mail when it was fixed - see below)

(June 30th)
[00:46] <Shogun> So what's going on with that KnS glitch?
[00:48] <~Kouryuu> curently waiting for staff in Japan to wake up and fix it
[00:48] <dan88> 7:48am Japan time now
[00:49] <dan88> So a bit longer before someone sees it
[00:49] <~Kouryuu> so like another 3-3.5 hours
[00:51] <Shogun> Alright
[00:57] <Shogun> I just placed my order on it. But I'll wait til the fixed version is up before DLing the game.
[05:30] <Shogun> Hello. Any update on the KnS situation? Expected time for master ver. to go up?
[05:33] <~Kouryuu> Japan's awake and working to adress the matter now.
[05:34] <Shogun> Alright, cool
[06:57] <~Kouryuu> well, official word-ish
[06:57] <~Kouryuu> It's going to be about 24 hours or so before KnS is up properly.
[06:57] <~Kouryuu> ~_~

Originally Posted by Mail Magazine, July 1st 13:51, 61h51m after original release time
Kara no Shojo was temporarily removed from our server due to the
incomplete version being mistakenly uploaded, but we have now finished
reuploading the Kara no Shojo game file on our server in its complete

Once again, we apologize for all the inconvinience this may have caused.

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Well... a beta/dev version of Dead Island was uploaded on Steam much to the joy of customers who downloaded it...

I guess uploading beta-quality/debug builds is trending right now? :D
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