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Old 2010-06-28, 21:44
chlrkdckd chlrkdckd is offline
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Default How to pack G00 files?

hello everyone im korean, and i make 'CLANNAD' for korean
- im sorry my english is terrible -

look at these pictures << it's unpacked files. i call it 'a' << it's packed files. i call it 'b'

i want how to 'a' to 'b' ? (im sorry but i dont think any english words '_'a)

i try RLdev but it dosen't work
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Old 2010-06-29, 09:57
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The G00 files contain metadata in addition to the actual image data. If the tool you used for extraction was just meant for getting at the files to look at them, then it probably just gave you the image data and ignored the metadata. Unfortunately, if you want to convert them back to G00 images that can be used in RealLive, you'll need that metadata, so you should be using RLDev both to extract and to repack the images.

vaconv.exe -f PNG file.G00
That should produce "file.PNG" and a metadata file, I forget what the extension is. Edit the PNG image, and keep the metadata file but leave it alone. Then, to re-pack:

vaconv.exe -f G00 file.PNG
That should create a new file.G00 from the PNG and metadata. (It's been a while since I've done this and I don't have any files handy to test with, so I'm just working from the vaconv documentation. Hopefully that works for you!)

Also, you should be able to convert many files at once by using shell expansion/wildcards (e.g. *.G00) and place the output in another directory with the -d option (e.g. -d Converted) to place them in a directory called Converted in the current directory (you must create this directory yourself, though.)
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Old 2010-06-30, 20:15
chlrkdckd chlrkdckd is offline
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Thx Roto!!

it's solved
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