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Old 2008-02-24, 07:58
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Default Modifying Clannad fonts with RLDev

Hello, I'm a noob with RLDev. Sorry if my question is too dumb.

I'm messing up with Clannad codes right now, and I'd like to know how change the font to some other one with accents. Already did:

- Added rlcInit() at
- Copy rlBabel.dll to Clannad's game folder.
- Added/Changed in Gameexe.ini :
#DLL.000 = "rlBabel"

It looks useless anyway, as Arial isn't loaded at all. So I gave another look at the manual, but I didn't understand how to make a to initialize rlBabel. And everytime I add a #load 'rlBabel' line to a Seen file, I can't compile it because windows cmd complains: "Error( line 70): load of RlBabel not found."

So I wonder if someone could explain me what I need to load ocidental/western accented fonts instead the japanese ones, if it is possible at all, of course. (I took it is, seeing at how INIT_FONT_NAME works for most people.)

And sorry if my english looks weird, i am not a native speaker.

Edit: Oh, and I am using the original Clannad version of RealLive,

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Old 2008-02-28, 20:07
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Go to a newer version of RL. Also, fonts are handled by rlBabel after you install it, use the Change Font thing in the menu.

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Old 2008-02-29, 13:40
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Thanks, I'll try.
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