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Old 2007-12-20, 02:32
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Default Seinarukana Battle System translation

So a lot of the text in the Seinarukana battle system are actually just images, and Asmodean has made tools to extract and repack the relevant files. From the few tests I've done, there seem to be no problems, and since the images themselves are plain PNGs, it's easy enough to do. Anyway, if someone wants to help with image editing and typesetting, I'm willing to do the translations.
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Old 2007-12-20, 15:33
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and the rest of the files...?

anyone can figure out how to work the battle system....
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Old 2007-12-21, 00:52
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A bit off topic but, how you found out where the main game text is?
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Old 2007-12-21, 01:01
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Forgot to say this. I've packed up all the images that can be edited and translated. This not only includes battle text but menu text also. Though for some of the images there will need to be a *.4ag packer also since some of these images are packed once in a 4ag archive and then packed again into a xarc archive. Well if anyone wants to look through the images just say so and I'll post a link.
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Old 2007-12-21, 01:52
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No idea where the main game text is yet. For now I'm planning on doing only the battle system, most of which is in the xarc files. Some things that are not would be:
  • Skill names - Hookable by AGTH, so it's obviously not an image file, unlike most of the other skill / profile text.
  • Mission headings - in 4ag file
  • Game menu - also in 4ag
  • Artifacts - in 4ag
Which leaves the things that can be done, such as:
  • Skill menus
  • Skill descriptions
  • Profiles
  • Party menu
  • Some other battle system menus (mostly all in SG000.xarc and SG001.xarc)
According to Asmodean, the 4ag files are a big mess, so no tool to do repack that. I'm guessing that normal text might be in the .bin files, mainly because each skill also has a bin, which I'm guessing is the battle cry they use (which can be hooked).
  • bg0000.4ag Backgrounds, h-scene, effects
  • bg0001.4ag h-scene cgs
  • bg0010.4ag chapter titles
  • bu0000.4ag Nzm, Sat, Noz, Rup portraits
  • bu0001.4ag more character portraits
  • bu0002.4ag more character portraits
  • bu0003.4ag Character Portraits
  • bu0004.4ag Assorted portraits
  • bu0010.4ag Mission titles, conditions
  • bu0011.4ag Tutorials, briefings
  • bu0012.4ag Bonus mana, strengthening images
  • bu0013.4ag ...No idea. Example?
  • SIt.4ag Menu Icons, text
  • BtlSe.xarc Sound effects (ADV)
  • Info000.xarc .bin files
  • Info001.xarc .bin files (skill?)
  • Info010.xarc .eso files (skill?)
  • Info020.xarc .CD files (Accesses .eso files?)
  • SEso.xarc .eso files
  • SEsoG.xarc Damage images?
  • * SG000.xarc Battle part status screen menu text
  • * SG001.xarc Battle part status screen Skill and description text
  • bf.arc .wed, .4ag files (scripts?)
  • CDFiles.arc .cd3 files
  • gd.arc More menu screens (.4ag)
  • mmai.arc mmai.bin
  • MRBin.arc Mission Result bin, 4ag (Some end of battle menus)
  • o3d.arc Textures? .wed, .4ag
  • SSe.arc Map sound effects
  • wed.arc Map textures
  • wnd.arc Options menu (.4ag)
  • EsoGraph.xarc Battle sprites
Anyway, it'd be great if someone with experience messing with image editing like this could help out. I'm horrible at working with these things.
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Old 2007-12-21, 10:18
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Yeah thats what I guessing where the main text is too. I wish I could help, but the only thing I can do is hack and code.
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