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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2006-09-11, 05:48
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Default Broken Hearted: A 9/11 Story

A new OEL Kinetic Novel, "Broken Hearted: A 9/11 Story", has been released. As the title implies, it's probably not for everyone.
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Old 2006-09-11, 05:57
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as he remembers the love of his life
I guess that's _his wife_

Anyway, sorrows for that day...
Tomoyo's the best wife I expect...
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Old 2006-09-11, 08:55
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This is good to see. We have here one of the few forms of computer-based entertainment that can readily explore issues like 9/11 without being seen as inappropriate; I'm glad somebody has taken advantage of that to remember the anniversary.
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