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Old 2007-11-22, 14:45
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Default rlc error

I'm having an odd problem and I'm not sure why. When I compile a clannad SEEN file (grabbed from the Clannad translation project) as is using utf-8 encoding, I get an error:

Fatal error: exception Invalid_argument("index out of bounds")
NOTE: preprocessed text from the Clannad translation project includes the original Japanese text commented out.

When I strip out the commented lines and compile without utf-8 encoding, it works fine. I guess the solution is to have my script that grabs the translated SEEN text strip out the Japanese text. My question is why.

Another thing, if I compile using utf-8 encoding even with the commented lines removed, I still get the error. So maybe that means there's a naughty character in there somewhere? I guess I don't really get what rlc means by the error message.

And if I compile using the default encoding with the Japanese text left in, for obvious reasons I get this error:

Error: invalid character in input: check encoding settings.
Maybe there's a different encoding I should be using?

BTW, this doesn't occur with every SEEN file. The first one to give me the error was SEEN2418.

Thanks in advance if someone can come up with a solution or can tell me what the problem is.

I'd prefer to be able to compile files with the Japanese text included, since that means my local files match those on the translation site. I'm doing my best to help out with the translation as I play through the game.
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