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Old 2005-10-15, 12:08
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Default what games are YOU playing?

i mean no dating sims, but "normal" pc games.

from cyborg alberto..i can tell he is a total anihilation fan :)

ii am a very big quake fan. i've played all quake's since quake2. currently i am playing quake3 rocket arena 3 ...nick: gao,gao...stegosaurus" or "uguuu" :)

i just read a "review" of quake4, which i hoped to be as good as q3 but i am total depressed now :)

i dunno if this guy is just making jokes but if only 10% of what he is saying is true. it is the worst fps :)

i this thing with...q4 is like MMRPG true? if yes then they can forget me. i mean shooters have to be about skill and how good reflexes somebody have and not about gametime/characterlevel

that 70% pc games review dosn't shocked me, because they only review the single player game. i am total multiplayer gamer.

i doen't play often, but i am not that bad. (since i've played very often 3 years ago.)

i hope a question like this is allowed in this forum. if not, fell free to eraise this topic :)
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Old 2005-10-15, 12:30
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As extremely off-topic as this is I'll still bite.

I mostly play old RPGs (Shin Megami Tensei, Dragon Warrior, etc.) and adventure games (Gabriel Knight, Clock Tower, etc.). I don't usually play newer games (defined as anything published within the past five years) with the exception being at parties where I usually play Super Smash Bros. Melee. I also occasionally pick up a new RPG (Tales of Symphonia for example).

My reason for not playing newer games is not because of any sort of elitism towards old generation games but beacuse I have a large backlog of PS1 RPGs lying in a chest under my bed that I have yet to beat.

I am currently playing a lot of SaGa Frontier and Clock Tower on my PS1 and I recently finished Sword of Mana and Gabriel Knight:SotF for the GBA and PC.

Note: This post was written with me functioning on 3 hours of sleep. Please forgive any grevious spelling or punctuation errors.
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Old 2005-10-15, 13:29
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I'm pretty sure that Q4 review was meant to be a joke.

As for me... currently playing not a lot. I've been replaying Thief 3 in my copious spare time, but I'm up to the Cradle again, and I'm really not sure I can go through that level a second time. Scariest experience in a game ever. I also have a Touhou spree every now and again. Some day I'll beat one of those games on something other than "easy", honest...
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Old 2005-10-15, 15:34
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Well, which kind of games do you think my system can play?
That's my PC:
Windows 98 SE OS
AMD Duron 950 megahertz
128 of RAM, 16 shared for the ON-board AGP video T_T
40 Gigahertz HD+2.67 Gighertz HD
CD-RW burner (My CD-ROM unit is almost useless! T_T)

Nothin' about recent games for me. T_T

But I have about 30 PC games + 9 Playstation games (Using emulators: Bleem, ePSXe and VGS).

Originally Posted by mr.aufziehvogel
from cyborg alberto..i can tell he is a total anihilation fan :)
In the truth, I don't like much (It isn't mean "I hate") of Strategy games, although I have 4 of them: TA (and, Recenty, your expansions: Battle Tatics and Core Contingency - I've gotten wth a friend, the rest you'll imagine :P), Age of Mithology, Warcraft 3 and Desperados (Kick-@55 games!)
I prefer the First/Third Person Shooters, like Hitman - Codename 47 (Oh man it's a very HARD game!) KingPin - Live of Crimes, SWAT 3 (this game RULES!) and Unreal Tournament (Do you like Quake 3 mr.aufziehvogel? so, you MUST play UT! for me, UT is better than Q3. I've played Q3 with a friend, but I didn't like of this game. I prefer the UT. - Oh yes! I don't wanna cause problems with this, ok?)
Also, I love fighting games, but I don't know anyone god for PC, only for PS :)

But at the moment, I'm playin' only the PC games, because my CD-R player unit isn't good, and I don't wanna use my precious CD-RW burner for plaiyn' games who MUST have the CD in the CD-R/RW unit.

(Now, you'll see a dark side of my methods to make this. If you don't like about "use alternative ways to get a "good" efect", please, don't read this.)

Also, because of this, I make use of (Please Haeleth, don't edit or remove this! and please, don't think who I sell Illegal-backup CDs! I don't make this! I don't make this! T_T) cracks for almost all my games
[Except Total Annihilation - Bad crack effect: no music and NO CGs -, Kanon - _inmm.dll+CD music in the HD = Kanon without CD - and Worms 2 - I didn't find a good crack T_T - and other games who DON'T need them, like Driver, UT, MDK2, Fallout 2 and others I don't remember. Thanks for the "Full absolute HUGE install" option. :)]

Only for remember: Cracks are illegal methods for make the games (and several types of softwares) works breaking the Producer Copyrights. I don't use software cracks (Except for the games. I have a safe place to get it, but I don't (and I won't) say WHERE), don't make such thing! don't be a idiot! You'll find good viruses if you'll try search software cracks - If you want a proof, ask to me, I'm a "living proof" (I mean: "someone who lived the bad experience") of ALL I say here!! - even game cracks could contain virus! pay attention!

Back to the topic.
About Trief :P
well, I've never played this game, But the UT has a MOD which brings some of the Trief's game for the UT, the Trievery UT. U can find this MOD for FREE download here! About 200 megabytes of size, though... (Haeleth, this mod isn't a "ca$h" mod. You, really, don't need pay anything for get it. it's, really, FREE, ok? But, I think that the game is better than this mod, a very-hard dificulty mod - Yep, I have the mod, not the game. T_T - and sorry for my huge post... again...)
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Old 2005-10-15, 15:57
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In recent months I have tried Cave Story, Nethack, and Final Fantasy 7 and 9, but I never seem to win-- I just keep on dying. I want to play an RPG where you're immortal :(
I also had a one-month free trial of that 3D MMORPG where you pilot a ship around in space and trade goods, and that was fun but I didn't want to pay $10 a month for an addiction.

So, it's just visual novels for me.
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Old 2005-10-15, 16:00
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I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on my NintendoDS, and Myst III: Exile on PC.
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Old 2005-10-15, 16:04
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Dynatasy Warriors 5 is all i've been playing lately. Occasionally Airrade Air/Smash Bros Melee gets a turn and very rarely i'll go back and play Worms 2, Civilization II Multiplayer Gold (waiting to see if I can use IV on this PC ^^), Halo and Conquer OnLine 2.0.
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Old 2005-10-15, 16:10
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Had you asked this a year ago, I would've listed all my RPGS for you right here. Everything from FF to Suikoden and back.

Now though, I'm afraid my time limits me to my Meltyblood and Touhou spurts. (curse you Haeleth! I can't even beat it on easy yet!)

that and the occasional DDR or if my friend visits, Guilty Gear match.
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Old 2005-10-15, 16:36
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Originally Posted by Shii
I want to play an RPG where you're immortal :(
Try Soul Reaver. If Raziel (Your game character) dies, You'll ressurect "eating" lost souls.
You're, pratically, Immortal! :P

I have this game, but the PS emulators doesn't run it perfectly! Always I get fails! T_T

and Yes, I like RPGs. But I've only 3: Parasite Eve (PS), Septerra Core and Fallout 2 (Both are PC games. Fallout 2 is old but RULES!)

and NO... I don't play in multiplayer chalenges...
with a 56k modem... no way guys, no way...
see ya!
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Old 2005-10-15, 17:01
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@cyborg alberto: i have already tried unreal tournament. and ut 2004 (or 2003 dunno the name).

i hate it :) its not a bad game, but it's all about with wich shooter you start with. most counterstrike users like ut too. but we quakers are a little crazy :)

i started shooter with q2 and changed to q3. tried cs and ut too, butif you are really into a game (like quake) then it's not even funny playing a shooter like ut or cs.

because: i dont want to begin a flame war but it's my personal opinion. maybe this wouln't be so, if i started shooter with cs/ut.

1) quake3 and all quake games are Xtremle tweakable. you can change everything.
your pc is not so much slower than specs are:

AMD athlon 1ghz, geforce 4mx 400, 640mbyte sd ram

its cool, because you can tweak q3 so, that you can play it with every pc. my quake3 looks like ..quake1 :) i set blood off, i set textures off, i bound my fps to 125 etc.

2) i love quake, because there are not 20 weapon modes. i think 1 is enough.

3) i love quake because of the PHYSICS. i mean, have you ever played quakeworld? try rocketjumping. after a while with quake you can't play another shooter, because in quake, the physics are so cool. you can jump super wide, make trickjumps, and the game is super fast.

i have tried ut/cs but they both are slow compared to quake (all quakes) just try quake2 ctf with the hooks. THAT is (stressful) fun :)

like i said, rocket arena 3 is the only shooter for me. i usually play it once a week. (okok, 1-2 times a week)

i hope they didn't make q4 too slow.

hmmm...yeah . i like playing adventures like monkey island 1-4, LOOM and indiana jones 4 per ScummVM. i like adventures. my first pc game was monkey island on amiga 500 ;)

and today... hey, the only games i buy are rpgs, adventures and 2 shooters (quake2 and quake3) the next games i am waiting for are: the city of metronome (adventure) and the longest journey2 (adventure .)

i guess i like visual novels/dating sims so much, because they combine the advantage of an adventure game with an extra heartful story :)

i hope this isn't too long ....
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Old 2005-10-15, 17:31