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Old 2005-12-09, 08:41
AireTamStorm AireTamStorm is offline
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Ok adding -DUSE_OSS worked for the compile... then I ran the xkanon-install script. I ran into an error somewhere along the line and now xkanon-install is broken.

Now xkanon-install returns an error without even getting to the menu:

Cannot find file /cdrom/gameexe.init ; may be invalid directory.
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Old 2005-12-09, 12:31
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Almost certainly either your Kanon CD isn't mounted at /cdrom, or you don't have read permissions for it. You also need write permissions to /usr/local/share, unless you modify xkanon-install to put the game data somewhere else.

Basically, you need to use a command line like
sudo xkanon-install /path/to/cd/drive
(or su to root first, if for some reason you don't have sudo available.)

I'll update the package to improve the error messages from the installation script, and clarify the README to mention the permissions you need. Thanks for the valuable testing reports - at least nobody is going to have to go through all this again!
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