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Old 2012-02-11, 09:32
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So, i've manage to extract the images from sysgrp.arc and convert them to .bmp files using ExtractData, but the problem is that the size of each file gets from 400kbs to 1.37mb, each 800x600 image file.

The original sysgrp.arc is around 16mbs, but when extracted, the whole content goes to 71.1mbs.
Although the BGI engine reads uncompressed images, their size are much bigger than the original.

I don't really care much about reconvert to DSC FORMAT 1.00, but is just that i wanted to make the translation patch as light as possible. But the game works the way it is, so, if really there's no way to compress back to the BGI image format, then is fine.
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Old 2012-02-11, 10:49
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On the bright side:

sysgrp.arc:                                      16,1 MB
sysgrp.arc, RAR'd:                               15,2 MB
sysgrp.arc, extracted in BMP format:             72,2 MB
sysgrp.arc, extracted in BMP format, then RAR'd: 12,9 MB
In other words, even though translated images will take up more space on a user's computer when extracted, it will result in a smaller patch for you to distribute, since you can utilize a more efficient compression algorithm than Buriko's.
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