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Old 2011-01-07, 15:29
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Default Importing Eroge without ErogeShop

So far, I have gotten by using:
Playasia, Yesasia, Ebay (particularly and ErogeShop as well as HimeyaShop.

With the closure of, is it still possible to procure eroge without the use of a mail forwarding service? (such as Tenso)

If not, which site is best? Should I just be visiting Cheers
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Old 2011-01-07, 21:00
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Default will not ship software outside Japan.

they'll only ship books (incl. manga), DVD/BD (none Adult) and music CDs. Unless you are using a mail forwarding service, then amazon is useless for eroge.

if you are looking for console VNs, then Play-asia is cheap.
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Old 2011-01-08, 07:22
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post will not ship software outside Japan.
They will if you ship it through tenso.
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Old 2011-01-10, 04:47
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Could try paletweb.
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Old 2011-01-10, 08:40
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<_< If you're going to buy new releases through a forwarding service, you might as well preorder your games from the major houses, sofmap, messe-sanoh, getchu, etc. and get the pre-order tokuten for the exact same price. won't have those. I've used those 3 w/ my credit card and haven't had problems, haven't tried some of the smaller houses that tend to have worse tokuten.

If you're buying used, you can order from the big used divisions of the above sofmap, messe, trader...
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