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One of Korean Key fan have played Tomoyo After Demo version and wrote a quick review on site where I visit a lot.

KEY REALLY WANTED TO MAKE 18禁 CLANNAD GAME..... He could tell when he was playing the game for 5 minute.

There IS ero-scene in Demo version, not too long after the game starts....

Voice acting is okay he says. Every characters except Tomoya have their own voice.



Kanako. She is a female version of Sunohara. She can be looked as his replacement...

Um, Tomoyo's brother Takafumi. (Pikachu?? Shouldn't they censor that out?)

Tomoyo. Her side view looks pretty similar to her Clannad look.. Other than that, she looks like a different person to me.

It starts like a fan-disc game like story, then it gets dark. (just like all the other Key games...)

According to him, the game doesn't seem long, but not too short thankfully..