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Default English Visual Novel Engine Comparison

Hello! With the Blade Engine having recently come out, ONScripter getting attention from al|together, and Ren'Py seeing use in the English doujin community, I decided it was time for a side-by-side comparison of the different engines.

Here is a chart I made (it's a draft):
I was hoping I could get some feedback/extra info from people around here, since they're probably familiar with ONScripter in particular. Is my information accurate? Am I missing anything? I referenced the Blade, ONScripter, and Ren'Py documentation and software. I'm also having trouble with notable features of Blade. Quite honestly, I'm not impressed with it at all, especially given the more powerful and free alternatives. But they have good marketing, so they're getting attention ^_^;

Anyway, comments are much appreciated! :)
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