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Originally Posted by Claudio
Fgvyy, gur snpg gung gur tnzr vaqverpgyl vzcyvrf gung Oyvpx Jvaxry vf npghnyyl lbh -gur cynlre- jnf irel shaal. "Lbh rkvfg orpnhfr V nz jngpuvat/cynlvat guvf tnzr".
(For the love of god do not Un-rot this if you plan on playing the game at some point.)

Unu, lrnu. Zl gubhtug hcba gung eriryngvba jnf "V ybbx qbja hcba lbh chal 2-qvzrafvbany orvatf!"
☆ ヽ(Д`)ゞ ♪
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