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Originally Posted by Lv99JackFrost View Post
Thank you for the very insightful comments, Agilis. I also read pretty much everything on the topic you wrote on your(?) site, and I can't myself than say "you're right".
Personally, I tried J->E and J->G, latter one is way more efficient. And since it's pretty much something for the fun of it, why shouldn't I go that way, you're totally right...

Not to forget, as the original translator said earlier in this thread, he didn't want to stain this work. After sitting myself down with the script for a while I thought exactly the same.
I agree with you concerning the easier flow when using one's mother tongue (that is, unless you've mastered your second/third one).
You could also think of J->G as a way to broaden the German fanbase, what I'd love to see.

Or I could translate to German lol...-_- but are there more than 10 people who read visual novels and are fluent in German anyway?
I can think of about 11 persons (including you and me, though...). :D
And as mentioned above, if you were to release a patch in German, the amount of people playing something like this would increase (probably). Although I also doubt that there'd be that much feedback.

On a similar note, I'm currently even thinking of creating a platform for german VN readers to come together and discuss them. But my endless to-read-queue is going against me. ;]
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