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Yes, this game was unexpectedly awesome. I even managed to get a non-VN player to play it.
Besides the obvious things like innovativity and humor, I'd also like to point out how great the music is.
It fits the style perfectly, and is never annoying. ...and it's a 22-second midi file that keeps playing through the entire game. I didn't even notice that. It's very simple as well - just a couple of notes, all of the same length, a simplistic masterpiece. That, and it's damn catchy. (*has already made an enhanced midirip*)

I've got to thank Edward Keyes and Seung Park for translating this awesomeness.
This game is awesome, this game's music is awesome, this game's style is awesome, this game's bizarreness is awesome, and the guy who made this game is awesome.
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